Dj Dean


hey Dj Dean is an awesome guy... have met him and he's so down to earth. His music is what makes him so great! He definately is the true champion of trance!...

>>By Technobitch303   (Sunday, 31 Jul 2005 03:24)

The only DJ Dean song that I can think of at the top of my head is Protect Your Ears. He's a pretty good dj.

>>By Geotrio   (Sunday, 14 Aug 2005 12:27)

DJ Deans new Track "Music is my life" is excellent! (just been released recently) and his remix to Murphy browns "Energizer" is a killer track! that's got to be the best remix of energizer and of course we will always LOVE "Ballanation" xox

>>By Technobitch303   (Monday, 7 Nov 2005 07:28)

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