Dio's first band was called Elf in reference to his stature,as in height he should be as big as ozzy but he never was
as good at endearing people like oz. But ronnie sings better than 90 percent of the current crop of rockers. I met him once a great guy... who rocks!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Donny/Ibex Eye   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 15:41)

OF AN ALBUM......(RAINBOW)..............

>>By HOLY DIVER   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 15:08)

Well, well..well? Was wondering why the prince of freakin darkness wannabe, AKA Ronnie James Padavanna did away with his guestbook at his "official" website. No better way to say fuck off to his fans, I suppose.
Hey...I saw that Dougy Aldridge woke up one day a few months back and was sweating hard in his bed...thinking that he had awake from what seemed like a 5 month long nightmare...a dream where he was in the this old folka band with Ronnie Dio..playing gigs like Wal Mart grand openings, Friday night Fiush Frys in Wisconsin...the like...then realizing that IT WASENT A FREAKIN DREAM AT ALL!!!!! hELL, ITS FOR REAL!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Dougy Poo splint pronto and went with...Huh? Whitesnake? Glutten for punishment.
Hey, padavanna fans, I have some new dates for the few who care:
Feb 12, 2003--Ronnies Fan Club will meet ---in a phone booth in La, Calif.
Feb 13-june 22 2003--Ronnie takes time off but nobody notices, not even Wendy

Ok, listen...you drips wanna listen to a new dio cd? The play any of his crap that he has out...they all sound the same. You know it, I know it. This twarp has been realeasing the same album over and over again for 45 years. Hell, the mans 54 for craps sakes.
However, if you want to listen to 30 year old dio dribble and think its fresh stuff and think that hes really speaking to you and think that ronnie really cares about his fans when all he cares about is his fans full walets, then have a field day.
If being lifeless, shiftless, brainless means all that to you, hes yer man.
Along with Jimmy "Sniffle" Bain and Simon "Rim Shot " Wrong or Write, do ir til yer satisfied.
You mental cases make a great study.
Here lemme make you feel at hime..
"Hhiss hhisssssssssssss...like, dude, man..duhhh, did ya hear my mans ronnies new cd?
its like narley, dude..sounds like...old dio...wonder why?"

Look, heres the real dope:
Richie Blackmore stopped the tour bus and tossed ronnie out the door and to the curb when ritchie realized ronnie had only 2 good songs in him.
Toni Iommi spit ronnie out TWO TIMES after tony used him for every thing dio had.
dont that tell yas something? No?
The you deserve each other.
Heard ronnies gonna do a new cd..
dont forget to count how many times he uses the words "rainbow", "evil","wishing well" and "look out" in every "new" song.
hell, even Wendy sleeps in a different bed when ronnies home.
Thats for you....
Bye now...see you on my office chair...soon.

>>By The Honerable John J. Wilkes, ESQ.   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 21:16)

best fucking voice ever! obey the master voice of metal! long live the king!

>>By stormrider   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 03:10)

I think that Ronnie James Dio is one of the best vocalists in the world. No, he's the best!!!

>>By boeuferie   (Friday, 9 May 2003 19:41)

im dio shut the fuck up u gay fans

>>By dio   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 21:54)

jk u guys rock im going on tour at the centrum center w/ iron maiden hope ur there peace

>>By dio   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 21:55)

hi there
dio is one of the best vocalists in the world.he is king of rock & roll
never forget ( holy diver ) and last in line.and also dont forget his tour with
iron maiden around usa.

by hz 6 - 8 - 03

>>By hz   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 03:34)

ronnie rules the earth

if you listen to his songs he will come over and fix your dream


>>By ozixx   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 06:08)

This is a message for " The honorableJohn J. Wilkes, ESQ".
Hey Asshole, Who and the fuck are you talking about Ronnie the way you did. You cant even spell his real last name, you dumb fuck.
Ronnie deserves more respect then you gave him. Playing at Walmart
Grand Openings and Friday night Flush Frys, I think not Asshole.
As far as I am conserned all of Dio's music , New, Old, and everything
Caught in the middle is the best Damn music your fucking ears have ever heard. calling him a Twarp, Well your a load that should have been
swallowed years ago. Ronnie is the nicest person anyone could ever meet. He has more respect for his fans than anyone who has ever set
foot on a stage. I think that to be able to sing and write about exactly
what you want to do and do it for more than 30 years and be successful
at it is Incredible. The general public probably thinks Dio is Son Of Satan or something like that. Yeah he does have alot of songs with
the words Rainbow, Evil, Lookout, Wishing Wells and Dragons and Fire. It still is better than anything else out there. As far as meeting in a phone booth as a fan club meeting, WHATEVER SHITSTAIN.
Ronnie James Dio is the best and always will be the best damn musician ever to walk the stage. Long Live The King. As far as I am
conserned You deserve to have your ass kicked and die a slow
painful death. You being the honorable, I think not absolutely never.
Forever Dio!!!!

>>By Dream Chaser   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 20:10)

i agree in the fact that Dio man friend, repeats to much like: "Alright" for example or "Dreaming" or "Rainbows" or "look out". But how ever, the lyrics, the whole ideas make a big difference, i have always wanted to talk to him to confirm some things he has made me think about. Lots of things, im not a fan in the complete sense of the word, i don't need a personal signed photo from him or a picture taken with him, i just think there's some connection, maybe it's just my psychotic permanent state, but anyway, i think he's here for a reson, he's got a message for the ones who will deal with the end of times, or like he says: It's maybe the way i want to take it. I don't care, like to lock up the wolves before you play, or it's over, a black cat screaming when it's not even midnight, like a code not like a repeating phrase from the holy diver song, but a code. In the holy diver he sings about the shiny diamonds, like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue, something is comming for you, and at the end of the song, he says, You are the cat in the blue comming after you yeeahh. So, when i think of the black cat screaming into a context of locking up the wolves, it means there is a power trying to get out of the social context of rules and laws into some guy in a corner of the world, whom he can see or feel in his dreams, he is like a prophet of disaster. An the advice is to call him out and aware him to lock up the wolves, the ones that wildly grab the road, racing after the hunger they will never ease, very strong and powerful, the wolves are a part of the instinct that cant be held back. Like the hungry heart that gets a taste of freedom when you are ready to rock and roll and to fight for love, to push and show, you better look out, ive seen it before it might make you crazy. or ready for black and white but the colors are just too bright. So lock up the wolves before you play, or it's over. It's a mission for a hero, a lot discribed into the Magica work, he speaks about the truth, about a very powerful book for only those who can use it to enhance the spirit and the light, i could talk a lot about this, with bible references and stuff like that, i used to smoke pot reading the bible and listening to Dio, so i know i am a very crazy guy. But you have to dream on till your dream comes true. Maybe im wrong but who's to say what's right. (that's from Fleetwood Mac) see you.

>>By Akbal   (Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003 10:17)

seen Dio with Sabbath and Solo. he does have a voice that can blow your chest up when you sing his songs and thats the way it should be! Yngwie J. Malmsteen said " he's the greatest metal singer ever!!!" well, i dont know about all of that but he can kick your ass!!!

>>By ron   (Tuesday, 25 Nov 2003 07:45)

okay this is the first and last time i say this dio is not rock dio is metal get it right retard's you know who you are

>>By therion   (Thursday, 11 Mar 2004 01:14)

Has anybody heard Master of the Moon yet? It was supposed to have been released in the UK yesterday. Actually, it was supposed to have been released in the US yesterday but they PUSHed it back a week. I can't believe it! I pre-ordered my copy a month ago!
Dio is an American! I am an American! How is it that those 'British Invasion' blokes get it first!? Jimmy Bain isn't even in the band anymore! There are no british guys in the band anymore (as far as I know).
No one else in the world can compare to Dio's songwriting and vocals. Look at some of these other burnouts now! Ozzy shuffles around on a TV sitcom like a zombie while Dio still rocks around on stage like the powerhouse that he is!

>>By mooreron   (Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 23:01)

Oh, and another thing: Simon Wright is the greatest rock drummer of all time!
Don't believe me? Watch his solo in surround sound on the Evil or Divine DVD and make sure you turn it up loud. This guy pounds those skins with all 4 limbs like a madman and looks like he's enjoying it! I know I am! I think he first joined Dio on Lock Up the Wolves and I was amazed! Singers and guitar players always get all the credit but this guy deserves a real big one!

>>By mooreron   (Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 23:10)

Hey! Some more of you Dio fans get on this board! Too many sites are old news, even the 'official' Dio site! I found more info on www.ubl.artistdirect.com than I have on any fan site! Somebody give up a review of the new album!

>>By mooreron   (Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 23:15)

Oh, I get it now! I just watched the 'behind the scenes' from the DVD and it looks like Dio's wife and manager, Wendy, is an English lady. That explains why they are getting it first!

>>By mooreron   (Friday, 3 Sep 2004 15:43)

Richie Blackmore stopped the tour bus and tossed ronnie out the door

Richie blackmore hasn't done any deciding thiings since he has been married and his evil Mother-in-Law took over his business. He doesn't even decide what to drink anymore (if anything), let alone who are when to kick somebody out of the band.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Friday, 3 Sep 2004 15:56)

Hi guys: thanks for the heads up on Ronnie's new album! I may not be teh most rabid Dio fan, but when I have one or two albums by other artists (best of... etc.) of a small CD collection (about a hundred) I do have most of what Dio has recorded solo. I will have a fairly complete discography some day... I have seen him live (w/ Motorhead & Maiden) and for a fiftyish bloke, he still rocks.

As for the Swords & Socery- Good vs Evil lyric themes... So What? It's what he wants to write about. If you dont like what he sings about- you don't have to listen. Neither do you have to bother those of us who do like Dio's work.


>>By AbyssAngyl   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 06:46)

Since I am oviously leading this discussion, I will put my opinion forth:
I am listening to Master of the Moon for the 3rd time right now. Great rocking tunes!
My favorite is 'The Eyes' followed by 'The End of the World' then 'I Am' then 'Shivers', well that doesn't leave too many more. 'Master of the Moon' rocks and so does 'One More for the Road'. 'The End of the World' starts out a little bit like AC/DC's 'Back in Black' but builds into its own unique sound.
Last I heard they were going to get Rusy Sarzo on bass but Jeff Pilson came back in to the band again, he's definitely got his own sound. It's funny Dio never gave much credit to keyboard players but now Scott Warren is oficially in the band and it's a good thing too.
His organ playing adds a lot to the medievel quality especially on 'The Man Who Would Be King'

>>By mooreron   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 19:59)

lets get this discussion going again people and please stop refering to dio as rock

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 17:35)

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