Dinah Washington


I listen her songs for many years now and never tired from them.It inspire,teach,make you feel so ok.Can't find her song ''Rain and rainbow''.
I love to listen her songs when i am sad and it help me to come over this mood.

>>By Alla   (Tuesday, 17 Dec 2002 16:03)

Shes so cool I wanna be like her...Dont you?????

>>By Chels   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 19:45)

shes such a bum

>>By dude   (Wednesday, 5 Feb 2003 19:25)

is anyone home or are you all really lame

>>By dude   (Wednesday, 5 Feb 2003 19:26)

She made wrong decisions and had an unhappy life

>>By girlly   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 01:55)

I don't think I would like a life like hers. But I can't help admiring her flawless singing and soulful interpretation of songs. Even the silliest songs find some depth when performed by her.

>>By aaken   (Sunday, 11 Apr 2004 18:25)

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