Del Amitri


Have you ever gone through your cd collection and re-discovered an album you had all but dismissed years ago. That's what happened to me the other day. I consider myself to have rather discrimating musical taste and rarely listen to the radio. I like to hear an interesting melody fused with a beautiful lyric. Which brings me to my point. Before the other day, the only Del Amitri song I could immdiately think of was "Roll with Me". It's got decent lyrics and a great hook, but has a bit too much Gin Blossomy jangle for me. Anyway, I listened to the entire album, "Twisted" and was shocked to hear that these guys are actually extremely talented! The singer/songwriter turns a phrase as well as Prince, sounds about as depressed and ironic as Fiona Apple, yet manages to pull it all together in an oddly upbeat fashion. They don't sound like they take themselves too seriously either, which is a plus in my book. If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to Del Amitri or if like me you threw them into the pot with Hootie, Fastball and the like, give them another listen. You may be surprised. They've got a couple of Best ofs out. My personal song recommendations are "Be my Downfall," "Driving with the Brakes on," "Nothing Ever Happens," "Tell Her This," "It Might as Well be You," "What I Think She Sees," "Kiss This Thing Goodbye," and what should be the international anthem of the un-cool "Not Where It's At"

>>By mochalicious   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 18:11)

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