Deine Lakaien


I'm looking for some mp3's of Deine Lakaien, especially "Prayer"

>>By Baal-Phegor   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 08:56)

Deine Lakaien imho are God-inspired.
They do very intelligent music. Lyrics are misterous, and could be understood, only if listerner
knows something about relations with God in terms of love.
Also, Depeche Mode's lyrics plays with this stuff too. (sorry my English :)
About their commercial success: Some people maybe not understand what is this all about, but it is nice enough to love it anyway.

>>By Nick   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 16:20)

as einai kala o |dcd| pou mas anoi3e ta matia me tous deine lakaien!!!!
(any way... i just want 2 say.. hmm .. thank god!! a person early known was listening much of i just hear some..and thats it,,!!!!
im very glad that onemore artist "login " to my playlist!!!
!! com 'n visit us again!!! :)
greece #hellas#

>>By connect   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 02:09)

I fell by mistake on this site, the same with "Deine lakaien". I'm impressed. Some other groups similar to them? Also adorrer of Theatre of tragedy, Sirenia, Dead can dance Empyrioum...

>>By analaia   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 21:49)

I wish play Deine Lakaien in my country.

>>By Crysania   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 00:32)

<b>analaia</b>, try Tristania, From Autumn to Ashes, Poison the Well, Cradle of Filth, and Seraphim Shock.

All save PtW are very ethereal and enigmatic, and FAtA and Tristania tend to be very... poetic. Some of Seraphim Shock's work can be very romantic in a dark, gothic sense...

Therion - "Raven of Dispersion" is another very emphirical song, lovely and tragic sounding all at once.

>>By Sidhe   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 06:49)

i love deine lakaien, they're just... leaving me speechless. song "over and done" is amazing!

>>By iva212   (Saturday, 22 Oct 2005 17:39)

Deine Lakaien are "Wunderbar". :-)

I really love their music. :-)
I also got the chance to see them live at Arvikafestivalen 2005. They made a really great and emotional performance.
And I also had the chance to meet them backstage to interview them, and they turned out to be even more friendly and humble, than I expected. :-)

All love and respect to Ernst & Alexander.


>>By Personal Jesus   (Thursday, 15 Dec 2005 22:16)

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