Dave Barker


This is kind of strange.... A must buy.... Imposter Dave! I AM DAVE BARKER

>>By Dave Barker   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 00:12)

I saw a film clip on the TV the other day with a singer (can't remember who) being accompanied on guitar by (later identified as) Dave Barker.

Are we talking about the same Dave Barker here? I found this site doing an internet search on the name.

Jenny Grier

>>By Jenny Grier   (Friday, 21 Nov 2003 06:25)

No, now that I see the picture, I know it's NOT the same guy. The one I was was a white dude and a pretty good jazz guitarist.

Jenny Grier

>>By Jenny Grier   (Friday, 21 Nov 2003 06:26)

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