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>>By KILLER WOLF   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 16:19)


>>By PONKO   (Tuesday, 31 Dec 2002 21:01)

Saw his 2002 halloween show. And it was awesome. I like all of his albums. Even the ones most danzig fans think suck.

>>By Thomas from CA   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 16:36)

i just was wondering if anyone knew the last song that Danzig sang or the last album i want to buy the CD but im not sure which it was???

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 05:08)

Wait ,, too my left here i see 777 Was that his latest one?   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 05:10)

I can't seem to find the CD that has the song Retreat & Descent, i mean which album did that come out in?

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 10:13)

Im also looking for ppl like me, is their a Danzig Chat room?

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 11:10)

Good morning everyone , i imagine this is the chat room for Danzig music pple? Im not sure, i tried to find others like me but all the chat rooms i tried are closed.

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 02:15)

i guess not ok

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 07:05)

I was reading Danzig's Biography and to my surprise and astonishment , iv'e come to find I Glenn Danzig and i share the same birthdate. Years apart.. i wont question it

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 07:08)

If USA goes to war , i only hope our soldiers are mentally as well as Physically prepared.....To Win

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 07:10)

i still would like very much to know , what album was Retreat & Descent?   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 11:45)

i wont question it again. ill just trust that song among others   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 15:54)

Danzig's music has really helped me in more ways imaginable".

>>By Am i Demona   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 03:21)

Just got finished in a painting im doing ...Your music is my new inspiration, Im going to paint you next, my problem is what should i listen to whilst im painting your portrate?

>>By Am i Demona   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 10:16)

Shane MacGowan drinks Michelob Light, the Strokes substitute bad lounge singing for their glaring lack of chops, and Glenn Danzig is a vegan. Okay, okay, maybe you knew about the first one, and the second one is no shocker, but the vegan thing was a surprise, right? It definitely made us wonder what other wild cards the man who wrote "Skulls," "Archangel," and "Twist of Cain" is hiding in his... er... leather vest. So in the spirit of Pope and Dryden, we asked Glenn Danzig to answer Vanity Fair's most recent "Proust Questionnaire," after injecting it with a little r 'n' r (which, for the record, isn't stealing--it's satire). What we found out? Everyone he's had sex with is "special"; Glenn plans to move because his neighborhood's gone to hell; and he will "kill" somebody at his current label--if they don't send him a copy of this interview. Oh yeah, and Rick Rubin's a "scumbag." But according to Glenn, everybody knows that....   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 11:31)

Theirs your copy , So hold off on killing them on your current label

>>By Amidemona   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 11:32)

i read an article where Glenn said the Misfits wernt the same anymore , that they should be called the Jerry Only Band instead ,,, i couldnt stop from laughing ..good night im out

>>By Amidemona   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 15:28)

Im listening to Can't Speak , its very moving. Thank you

>>By Amidemona   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 06:35)

Listening to Danzig's song Girl, id like to find the lyrics

>>By Amidemona   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 07:57)

Just now finished 2 Paintings of the Doors , which now is being inspired by Danzig.
This is a test .
I Know Not all music is inspiring....
This is definately Not one of those!
the sound of Eternally Cold was very moving i had to listen to it all through one painting.

>>By Am i Demona   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 10:06)

Listening to Stalker by Danzig Good sounds   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 10:08)

Now painting Glenn with the inspiration being Stabbing Westward,,,music
It is a surprise to me that i dont even have to look at Glenns face to paint it. It's Strange... Maybe its the music affect of it ...

>>By Amidemona   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 10:52)

Ive just done 3 paintings to the music of Danzig, that is alot to do in one night,, i dont know its like i have to hurry and finish the paintings this music

>>By Amidemona   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 14:15)

been 3 nights ive not seen anyone in here but me so far Where is the other Danzig music lovers?

>>By Amidemona   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 14:17)

i heard the song Danzig did , The Spy, it is out of this world. Has anyone else heard it? If you did what did you think of it

>>By Eternallycold   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 09:31)

Listening to the music of Danzig lately the words are more intrigiuing ive always liked the beat of the music but now im getting more into Danzig's Lyrics   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 19:00)

Has anyone else seen the really good artwork for the comicbooks? the ideas for these works of art are unique. such horror yet it is trances at the same time

>>By Angelicvampira138   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 10:06)

Danzig's music is what has made my mind so much stronger ty

>>By Eternallycold   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 23:46)

Particularily Cant Speak

>>By Eternallycold   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 23:52)

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