Day before yesterday I went to a concert of the Blues explosion, with Dalek as opening act. It has been a long time that I have ben so impressed by an opening act, they blew me away.
First off all, I am not really in to hip hop, own some hip hop records, but no more then five. But this was the top, the beats were strong, heavy, distorted, almost to the point of hearting your ear. Not loud, but demanding, and the raps are great.
After the concert I bought the latest record, absence, and all I can say is that I am heavely impressed. Happy to know there is a hip hop underground going on, that kicks ash with easylistening pimpridding ashhole artists like 50 Cent and his pose.

If you wanna hear hip hop as rough, honest and true as possible, i can only advice you to check out these guys. It is hard direct and in your face, with no shame for a political stand.

I love it.

For referrence, if you wanna know more: think "one inch punch", "techno animal", "Public Enemy" with "Barkmarket".

Their label is ipecac http://www.ipecac.com/ which is the label of Mike Patton if I am not wrong.

Anyway, go check them out!

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