Creedence Clearwater Revival


yes... creedence, what can you say about 'em?!

>>By eshed   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 00:02)

Are there any videos featuring only Creedence. I have found some but they also feature other artists as well.

>>By Tiger   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 23:41)

creedence is the best group of the century and music country is the most amazing songs

>>By cesar ccr   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 03:23)

I'm a big classic rock fan and ccr have to be my top artist i think - most excellent

>>By IanM   (Friday, 8 Dec 2006 01:38)

Can't stop playing 'Pendulum' lately

Pagan Baby
Born to move
Hey tonight

Great songs. Trademark CCR

Possibly the last great CCR album? 'Cosmo's factory' and 'Mardi Gras' are weak efforts, in my opinion

>>By Narcotic_Prayer   (Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008 16:18)

Lovers of CCR's music may enjoy checking out the early music of Tony Joe White & Jerry Reed, which similarly shares some of that bayou- or swamp-rock feel.

>>By nonyeb   (Friday, 1 Feb 2008 00:05)

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