Cinematic Orchestra


flower power with the c.o.! one of the best release of the year

>>By rabazo   (Thursday, 23 Jan 2003 02:21)

I shed a tear the first time i heared this album. music like this does not come around very often.

>>By Mikasa   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 17:11)

Influences by Miles Davis and Radiohead usually don't mixc this well but this music is certaintly incredible. After listeneing to the drums my mind flowed with rythms i had never thought of (myself being a drummer.) To put in layman's terms this music is musical.

>>By againa   (Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 23:53)

An ice cold Guiness, a phat cigar, feet up while cinematic orchestra and Milkdrop do that thing. The drummer is a master or 7/8 signature.

>>By sippinbrew   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 04:57)

Evolution of music in its purest form...
Takes a genious to figure this one out.

>>By DFunk   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 06:09)

the best music ive heard in years.thats all that can be said.

>>By Gray   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 17:36)

A great album. Listen with caution....

>>By maxx   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 09:09)

The acidity of the beats, and the deep Orchestral Bass is bind blowing...Its like

dancing rain in your brain on a dark blue night in Cahrleston...


>>By Bob Nesta   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 23:09)

yeah, fine and dandy bunch of folks, eh? i saw them this summer, was a little uncertain how they'd be live, thot they may be a little lacking outside of the studio, but, nope, they blew the doors off. same incredible beauty, subtlety, complexity, yet punchier. if you get the chance, sell something valuable if need be to see them, it's well worth it. the only problem is, when you find a band as good as this , how do you follow it up? i've been groovin to 'fourtet' and 'thievery corporation', anybody got any other bands that twirl the ol propeller like these guys do? lemme know.

>>By dustball   (Friday, 20 Feb 2004 13:49)

If you like these guys you should check out this
Dr Funk

>>By Dr Funk   (Tuesday, 7 Dec 2004 20:06)

This is a rare jem for modern acid jazz lovers. If you got sick of hearing Bebel Gilbertos remixes, acid jazz bands with one hit on a compilation, or the Kronos Quartet, then here you are. Long tracks, expertly mixed, make a great enviroment for visual artists. Hell, they started the band remaking the soundtrack to the silent film "Man With a Movie Camera"! Smooth, contagious, and building.

I hear they RARELY play live, so see them if you can. Notable tracks include "Channel 1 Suite" and "Burn Out".
Surprising tracks include guests such as Fontella Bass, and Roots Manuva. For the love of god... treat yourself and hear this.

>>By Johnny L   (Thursday, 2 Feb 2006 16:23)

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