Bugge Wesseltoft


Does anybody know if bugge is playing in norway in the next week or so ????

>>By todd   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 12:40)

I just bought the record 'Moving' by the cover, not really knowing what was the content. But it was highly recommended by the shop, so I gave it a try.
And I wasn't disappointed. I didn't pay much interest in modern jazz. The only notion I had about it was (wrongly) that they (the jazz musicians) indulged themselves in the past, didn't know what to do anymore, started forgetting what the essence of this music was, and made music for a small circle of connoisseurs. Exactly what we say about classical contemporary music.
Now I'm happy to know that the spirit of jazz is still alive, that there are still people who pay attention to what goes on musicaly in the world. Isn't jazz about seizing the spirit, and the blood of our time? A kind of crossing point of all the differences.
So Bugge Wesseltoft doesn't ignore techno, nor electronica, and incorporates them into what we call jazz. The mixture is delightful. It's not about social issues like in the 60's, for instance, but trying to find new grounds of peace of mind. Don't we need that?
Moving was the right name for this album.

>>By aaken   (Saturday, 10 Apr 2004 13:30)

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