Broken Social Scene


I guess I am the first one to talk about Broken Social Scene. They are are
unique and genius when it comes to writing music. Not only do they have
brilliant music, but brillian lyrics as well, all those who are interested should
most definatly check them out!

>>By the art of looking sideways   (Thursday, 6 Jan 2005 02:31)

I agree with the art of looking sideways - check out their third album its pretty goooooooooooooood, unique sound for a unique experience.

>>By dunlow   (Wednesday, 21 Dec 2005 00:13)

yes, this is definitely an incredible collective of musicians. always seem to impress and inspire.

>>By Tim_Pozzi_20   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2008 21:44)

Quite the collective of musicians indeed. This Canadian band has created some of the most beautifully composed indie rock music in recent memory. It's the summation of all their disparate and unique musicians and voices that creates a wonderfully vibrant tapestry of varying sounds. So much to say and yet their music is a singular force that begs to speak for itself. You will first find them a bit hard to grasp onto... but as you delve into their recordings you find so much excitement and vibrancy that it's impossible to give up on exploring.

>>By mistercolumbo   (Friday, 11 Mar 2011 07:59)

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