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Hi, I' m italian so I can't speak english very well.
I love Brian even if in Italy he doesn't have success. He has a great voice and I can see it comes from the soul...he's the best singer in the world and I would be vocally 1/1000 of him.

>>By Sonny   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 17:13)

I saw brian in concert...and he is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard or seen of.

>>By E Diddy   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 09:51)

I'm Italian and i love Brian Brian Mcknight.For me Brian Mcknight is the Best.When i liten his music,i emotional

>>By Andrea   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 09:28)

Brian Mcknight is one of the of the most talented musicians of my time. His music really lifts me up when I am down. He is really an inspiration to me. I love to sing and I wasn't getting anywhere but his music just lifted me up and gave me the strength to keep going. I got most of my strength from his award winning song, "WIN". He is truely amasing.

BY: DeShara

>>By Dee' Blount   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 23:34)

i,m from spain and i want to tell that brian is the best crooner i ever heard ,and i can,t understand why no have more succes.

>>By jordi   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 22:11)

Brian Mcknight is the best male singer in the world. His music is basically the only music I listen to, and I hope he never stops singing.

>>By Matt   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 02:33)

I love Brian's song "Back At One" it is mine and my boyfriends song. I love to watch the video. It shows fellings and his soul is in the music so well.

>>By Tina   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 22:09)

Brian is up there with the best of them. His name will live on amongst the other greats of Peabo Bryson, James Ingram and Phil Perry.
6,8,12 is one of my all time favourite love songs. It is has so much emotion to it, I can't tell you the number of times i've played it back on the 'music in high places video, shot in Brazil'.
I highly recommend that video.
This video gave me and my brothers the inspiration to put together a new 'acoustic style' band which has gone down a storm in my home town of Bournemouth, England.
God bless you Brian!

>>By Aran   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 12:27)

He's very COOL. Thank god to have him sings for us.

>>By B   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 22:00)

Brian is so amazing I love his songs:

"Can You Be The One For Me"
"Still In Love"

And many more!

Good Luck Brian! :)

>>By paola   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 06:21)

I became an avid fan from the very first moment I heard One Last Cry. As all of us often do I was going through a very sad time in my life and I just gave up on everything around me. I would sit all alone for hours imprisoning my spirit as I alienated all those around me. no one understood because I was the kind of person that can see the beauty in everything and everyone around me
One Night In the mist of all my sadness I called on Jesus. I prayed for solace hoping for anything that would quiet the brewing storm in my heart as I quietly lay alone in the dark I heard that song and I cried like I have never cried before I drank in every word and when the song was over I knew that I was just touched within my soul by one of Gods angels and where there once was sadness I had hope.
I had so many things going for me as a published poet, producer songwriter and lyricist and after one heart break I was willing to give up on my music and my writing as well as my family and friends. . Now and today and I think forever every time I hear that song I let It resonate through my soul and I think of what I almost gave up because I did not know how blessed I was. To have a personal relationship with God only to falter in my time of sadness then renew a relationship in such away I must say that It is amazing how God used a song sung by a man that I have never met to touch my spirit in such away that life began again for me such a beautiful gift to me. such a heavenly devotion I am very proud of the women I have become and i am also happy in the direction my career has taken me I am now a full time songwriter, lyricist
producer. With Help of Jesus and a very beautiful song. I know you may hear this a lot, but I want to thank you for my
one last cry

Your Avid fan
Cookie (smile):o)
May God bless and keep you and yours always.

>>By   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 11:12)

Hey gang, i just wanted to let everyone know about the eTeam i just signed up for. It’s a nice way to support an artist you are a fan of. There is an online store with swag you can get from the points you’ve earned doing things like taking polls and quizzes or making video/ radio requests. If your interested you can head on over
if ya wanna sample some tracks off his new album U-Turn, check this out:

>>By La   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 00:34)

I've been a Brian fan for about three years now. I have to admit, he is the most amazing artists. His lyrics are so moving at times. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert last year when he was on his Superhero tour. It was by far the BEST concert I have ever seen. That is just one man that has a God-given talent.

>>By Jill   (Friday, 11 Apr 2003 22:12)

I love that man to death, I think he is the best singer in this century and has not been given the respect and awards that he is due. This man should have received a Grammy with his first album. The Grammy's are so full of it they recognize sells instead of a God given talented, they give the awards to people who sound good in a studio and not in person which is wrong. Brian Mcknight is the modern day Stevie Wonder in my eyesight.

>>By TashaJ   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 18:38)

Brian McKnight is amazing. He most definitely has a God given talent. I just hope that he does receive his well over due recognition soon. I love his music, and my favorite song is "Still In Love." I agree wholeheartedly with TashaJ that he is the modern day Stevie Wonder. We really need to have more singers like him in this day and time.

>>By Mosie   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 17:52)

I've been a Brian Mcknight fan for a long time and I can't explain how he has such a positive impact on my life. He brings real love back into peoples lives. Brian is a "real man" they broke the mold when they made him. Keep pumping out the hits, Brian.

>>By Hotstuff   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 15:57)

Hey! I Like Brian Mcknight
I´m Kary from Chile in southamérica, and in my country don´t have nothing of Brian Mcknight, but, i wanna have one album of Brian because i like this men. Aunque yo hable español y aquí no se vendan disco de Brian Mcknight yo si quiero tener un disco de él...¿cómo lo puedo hacer para obtener un album de Brian?

>>By Kary   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 23:43)

Brian McKnight is so talented. I bought UTurn CD the other day and it is Fantastic! He is one of the best RnB musicians ever.

>>By baabo   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 12:21)


>>By MIN RANDY G. NEWMAN   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 22:01)

Best, BarNone...He may not have the best music, or the most funky music, of an R.Kelly...But Vocally, no one's touching him...And he has More Range then Stevie wonder....Forget being the best singer of the century...He is one of the best singers, of all time, the I have heard of..I have people that are good, and close...Luther Vandross....Brian Has more range....Stevie has better riffs then Brian, but Brian's is much more strong....Kenny Lattimore...Brian can go lower then Kenny so he has more range...Jessie Powell...that's a tough one, but Brian Can damn near go as high as Jessie, and waaaaay lower.......R.Kelly.....I think Brian is just a better overall singer.....R.Kelly is more hiphop then R and B...more pop...Brian is throw back....has more range...but R.Kelly do have those beats that can't beat touched...he has that on lock...He's a better writer.....But Vocally....Brian is an inspiration..gave me a whole new outlook on life, listening to his stuff....period... I love homes..

>>By WerdPerfek   (Monday, 12 May 2003 09:16)

hey!! Brian McKnight has got to be the number ONE singer in the in the whole world. "Still" is my favorite song from him, cause its mine and this onegirl who i say is "still" the one song. write some more good stuff cuz its the bomb!!!!

>>By rico 831   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 16:49)

What more can i say, those mails have said it all but there`s always something to say about the way "The Man"makes you feel with his music.My most favourites have been Luther Vandross and Johnny Gill but since i came to discover The Man i`ve been wondering if any other can me feel the way i feel whenever i listen to or sing Brian,some of my friends and brothers feel the same way too.Now musical collections is Brian,Brian,Brian.I just like to let you know that you have one of your greatest fans in the heart of Lagos,Nigeria.Keep making us feel the way you making it.
Abdulrafiu Adeyemi

>>By Remi   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 20:13)

brian mcknight iz my fav singer his tha BEST his the reason i took up singin "1 of the 1's who did" and "someday someway somehow" are my fav songs. he has the most amazin voice i can't believe how he can't reach all those high notes.he lyrics make u think real good azwell.

>>By babyboi   (Friday, 23 May 2003 15:14)

Hey everyone.....Brian McKnight is my favoritest artist. I love his music more than anything...especially the song "Back at one." I listen to his music when a relationship that i'm in either goes down hill or i just feel like listening to songs that remind me of my boyfriend. Brian is the best ever and i'm a HUGE fan. Luv Ya All !!!

>>By Kayleigh   (Sunday, 25 May 2003 08:31)

I am the biggest fan of brian mcknight. I feel all of his music and wish that i was Mrs. Mcknight. but forreal, he is a true heaven sent. please support everything he do. thanks

>>By waitin4u   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 05:02)

Brian, if your reading this, just know that you will hear of me soon. I have always looked up to you!!! I love your music, without it i could'nt of developed my own style! Thankyou god bless, you are the greatest in my books. Take care and god grant you many more blessed days.

From number 1 fan

Davis Sione

>>By "d"   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 23:46)

Brian McKnight is the most inspirational singers that there can ever be. He has a wonderful voice and is just great all around. My all time favorites are "Love my Life" "Still in Love" and the most recent one on U Turn "Where do we go from here"I love Brian and I can't wait until he goes on on tour
From the ultimate top fan of them all
Glynda Kai Givens

>>By Glynda Kai GIvens   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 21:36)

I need some help, I am trying to find lyrics to Brian Mcknight's song with Kenny G, "All the way". And I cant find it anywhere, i've looked for like an hour, can anybody help me out?

>>By Jethro   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 19:26)

hey, have you guys heard of a jazz singer Diane Schuur? Brian McKnight duets a song “I’ll Be There” with her in her latest album “Midnight”. interesting to hear him duets with a jazz singer!

>>By iammeltingman   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 20:06)

for me bryan is a remarkable artist for that ,his musiq springs from the depth of his heart,few singers have such gift,he is a complete artist and producer, big up to ya bryan .

>>By soultrip   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 01:48)

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