Brand New Heavies


Simply the best band in the World ..... if you like acid jazz, if you want to know how Jamiroquai SHOULD have sounded, if you like horns and disco beats then get BNH now!

>>By BigBadKev   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 13:33)

I agree with BigBadKev... simply the best band in the world!!!! FUNKTASTIC!!!

>>By JaZziD   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 12:11)

BNH is one of the best acid jazz bands in the world, which have just issued their newest album (We won't stop) only in japan!!!!!!!!!!.
I am furious about it, but on the other hand there is no problem with buying it on japan sites ( - 20$)

>>By frost   (Thursday, 16 Jan 2003 12:53)

Hey! Anything new about this band? Seems like they have dissapeared. I agree about Jamiroquai, and surely they were a big inspiration for many other bands. Incognito doesn´t have the groove that the BNH has. They are (or were) superior.
By the way, greetings from Mexico City

>>By Jazz- Vazz   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 03:59)

the heavies are the most positive, funky bands in music that I herd.
keep the interest in the band people so they can "STAY THAT WAY"

Much love from`~~~`

jsp-n-the leaf

>>By jsp-n-theleaf   (Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 08:29)

Hi, first of all I wanna say that i'm a huge fun of jamiroquai since day one, and i got to know BNH because of them, so i really like their music and i respect them, but i think jamiroquai got to places where BNH not even appeared, and i don't think jamiroquai SHOULD have sounded like them just because they 're still at the top and they still have a long way ahead.

Good Vibes from Argentina

>>By Mariaroquai   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 05:17)

Ahoj vsichni!
The best grup in the world.Their music make me happy.I love you xxxxxx

>>By Dita   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 00:05)

I am simons cousin, im afraid to say i dont think they are gonna be doing anything else from now on :(. Simon has joined a band called Akimbo and done an album with them and i think he went on to another band. But hes on a break from music last time i saw him!

>>By Murasame   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 18:41)

The new BNH album was release in Japan in Januray. I am int eh US so I got it through and importer. I wrote a review and feel free to email me about it.

Before my first listen to this CD, I had to repeat one sentence to myself: "This is not 'Brother, Sister', and it never will be". I think the Heavies have been trying to live up to the vibe they created with N'dea Davenport on their earlier releases (well, they have in my mind) and with other singers, it just isn't there. But one has to remember 3 things:
1) 'Brother Sister' came out 10 years ago
2) Bands will grow, and their sound will evolve.
3) N'dea's vibe really can never be matched.
This isn't to say that "We Won't Stop" is a bad album, it's just different. That being said, let's go on to the review.
The first thing that struck me about "We Won't Stop" is it seems that the Heavies have discovered the computer synth and drum machines, and so there a few tracks that incorporate these sounds. I always referred to BNH as 'organic' and this feels out of place in some areas - but generally works well. It's not in all songs, so don't fear Heavy-heads, there's more than enough for us folks. There are several featured vocalists, a few rappers, and 1 track with N'dea "What do you take me for?" so you get a few different flavors.
The album starts with a spoken word piece called "Intro" with the Heavies backing it - it severely reminds me of something from "Who is Jill Scott", the way she inflects the words, everything.
"Intro" runs right into the next track "Paarty" which is a nice little jam with Jan singing, as well as the featured vocalist Sy Smith dropping a rhyme and then singing her part on the song. Nice vibe, great harmonies, whispy strings, and funky bass, guitar, and drums - it also features a synth line that sounds a bit out of place, but blends in after the other instruments come intot he picture. It gets a little raw when a rapper named 'Buckwhead' throws down a verse, but it's only for a short bit.
Next we have the midtempo jam "Don't call me foolish" which is very basic - bass, guitars, and drums and later they throw in the Fender Rhodes and Clavi. Cool little mid-tempo jammy.
"Respect" is the next song, cool, but features the synth stuff I was referring to that felt out of place. I would rather hear a horn section or sax. Decent song, but the production just rubs me the wrong way.
"What do you take me for" features N'dea and her voice just seems right to me (obviously, I adore her) and this song features the horn section and falling strings that I came to identify with the Heavies. Good song, and she still sounds great. This has programmed drums which I just think the Heavies need to avoid. Leave that to their remixes.
"We Won't Stop" starts with programmed drums, but then they bring in the real drums and the song picks up. It's very stripped down, mostly with bass and drums as the centerpiece, and other instruments sprinkled in. I like this jam a lot.
The next track is the dreaded "Bling, Bling" which I know many acid jazz heads were groaning based on the title alone. Yup, it's hip-hop track for sure, but remember "Heavy Rhyme Experience", and this could fit right on that album. Face it...the BNH just create hot ass beats that are a great canvas for MCs to paint over. The throw some horns in to spice it. I think this jam is hot, but if you don't like hip-hop, you'll be reaching for your stereo remote to skip over this one.
The next song is called "The Rhythm is..." and honestly, it annoys me. I have a big problem with singers simply duplicating the melody line created by the bass ang guitar and adding words to it creating one droning mono-melody. But that's my personal beef. There are some cool ass horns (some great muted trumpets) nice electric guitar lines and the vocalist does well on the verses, but once the chorus rolls around, it just trips and falls on it's face.
"Love is" is a nice song with nice call and response vocals between Jan and Sy Smith. Jan takes the lead on this track and it sounds great - he has sometimes too dry of a voice, but what he lacks in emotion he makes up in tone, which is nice to the ears. And Sy has nice layerd vocals on the bridge that are great. You'll dig this one.
"Music" features programmed beats again, but Sy's voice sounds great and lifts up the emotions of the song. The chorus really needed to explode and it doesn't quite do it.
"Do you wanna fly" has a salsa feel to it and Jan singing. I like the bridge more than the rest of the song.
The last song on the album is the one I was waiting for, the one that I will play to death, the one I will have all my friends singing the words to by the end of the summer. It's called "Rise" and has all my fovrite Heavies elements. Great drums, bouncing bass, skittering wah guitar, Fender rhodes, good message and great hook. THIS is what the whole album should have consisted of - this is MY heavies. This went right into my ears, and spread throughout my whole body - the Heavies that uplifted me, and provided (and continues to provide) the soundtrack to the greatest moments in my life. This is the best song on the CD, hands down.
Overall, I like this album but don't love it. Half of it though is because I have built up these expectatio for the Heavies that are probably way too high for them to ever meet. I bought for $25 (import) so it was kind of steep, but definitely worth it
I do wish they would tour stateside though, because I would love to see them live again. Email me if you love the Heavies...

LJ (John)

>>By LJ   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 19:40)

What an amazing web page! I'm so glad I bumped into it. I am a MASSIVE BNH fan. I met them in the UK when they were touring with N'Dea. They were so cool I was practically speechless. They signed a twelve-inch record I had and drew cool pictures on it. Anyway, here I am in Tokyo, where I've been for just a few months now. I was reading a magazine the other week and realised that BNH were playing here in Tokyo! And they have a new album out! (Yes, I know - I am slow to pick things up). I'm definitely going to go see them play in Tokyo! Can't wait! I agree that N'Dea was the best, but the other vocalists were good in their own way. And let's face it with Ian's funky guitar, Andrew's deep bass and Jan's drums and keyboards to back you up, who WOULDN'T sound good? Cannot WAIT for the concert!!!

>>By Jazzfunkster   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 12:54)

bnh sounds crap wot kind of a name iz it neway

>>By sgjsgdjsfg   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 22:01)

i agree with sgjsgdjsfg

>>By jazzfunkster   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 22:02)

why would u go to this website if u hated them? dont u have anything better to do?

>>By wndjwhiwdfjw   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 05:11)

i never listened to bnh after n'dea left. it was always her i came to hear. so i've been listening to the old stuff for a long time. never mind

>>By whocaresreally   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 17:43)

I am just so into BNH - they give me shivers listening to a lot of their songs - for instance I have "Feels Like Right" playing repeatedly on my computer now - I just love, love, love that song as mostly everything else they have ever done - my other very fave act is Swing Out Sister - they are still awesome after 20 years almost out there doing their stuff.

But - I have heard the latest album and - I don't like it - gimme the old BNH

Have fun. Kettles

>>By Kettles in Australia   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 11:49)

One of the best acid pop jazz bands of the 90´s

>>By Hernan   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 03:06)

I'm really glad they're still exist and released an album. They're still the best acid jazz band in the world (but nothing compare to the brother sister album). Now, BNH put a lot of hip hop flavor in the We Won't Stop album.
I'm also a fan of Swing Out Sister, where are they now?

>>By liberum from Indonesia   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 07:55)

Love The Heavies so much. I remember about 15 years back hearing "Never Stop" on a local radio station (somehow they broke through) I just flipped out completely. I was running around trying to find out who they were singing the song to people hoping someone would recognize them so I could go out and buy the album. SO funky so fine. Just wish I could have seen them live. Why have they never played in the states? Keep listening and loving BNH!

>>By charl   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 02:03)

Who has so much blind faith in the heavies as to say they are half as good as the other famos acid jazz group of the 90's lets be real other than brother sister there stuff was shit there cover of "you gota a friend was a waste of time just like there last album, bring back stevie wonder

>>By i hate the heavies   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 18:08)

Hello to who see this!

The Heavies' music is perhaps part of the Soundtrack of my life. My love for "this" style of art(acid jazz) has always excited me. Say what ya want but, w/o N'Dea the Heaves have lost a little something. I think I really would have enjoyed the maturation of N'Dea and the Players. God bless the reunion. Now please don't get me wrong, ms.GARRETT is tough as they can make em'. Pump your breaks!

People are you giving love? Love all the time?... We need to survive....everyone under the sun, must live in this great world... hand and hand...

PS: Catch a verve, have a martini or three, and sit down and breathe; U R Alive!. CTFO

>>By Perm   (Thursday, 28 Aug 2003 05:19)

i have them on video & yes they are a unique & fabulous band but i thought Sideah Garrett had a chance to enhance them with her that new vocal style she developed in being with them but i guess there goes another female came & gone in the band.

>>By star   (Friday, 31 Oct 2003 07:57)

I love their song - " You are the Universe" in the "Shelter" album. Positive Lyrics and it makes me feel great about life! Thanks BNH for this song......

>>By Samakira   (Thursday, 11 Dec 2003 17:15)

I absolutely love BNH! I'm so excited to see that they released another CD earlier this year, "We won't stop". Yea, I've been kinda busy but I can't believe I missed that one. Guess after several years of "nothing", I'd prematurally given up on any new material. I'm kinda bummed that it wasn't released in the States but I'm willing to pay the hefty "import" price.

>>By labronner   (Monday, 29 Dec 2003 03:08)

well, this is my first time here...
the reason is BNH performans in Serbia at EXIT festival 02.07.2004.

>>By pedja   (Friday, 25 Jun 2004 13:50)

The Heavies are Back!!!!!!!! Their new release "Get use to it" is off the chain. I've been a BNH fan for years and have all of their CD's but most habe been somewhat of a disappointment since "Brother,Sister". "Get use to it" is a return to their earlier roots and has quickly become my favorite CD. Go out I get the CD. If you've ever been a BNH fan, you will love this album!

>>By labronner   (Friday, 3 Nov 2006 03:19)

Any new BNH releases? My friend thought they heard a new track on the radio but I've been unable to find if they having anything new?

>>By labronner   (Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 03:42)

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