Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band


What can you say about a band that sings of dandruff and such?
Dear, dear, dear, oh dear, dear, dear, oh dear, dear, oh dear oh!

>>By john yaya   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 02:13)


>>By Benndinio   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 22:10)

I don't exist. Sorry.

>>By Urban Spaceman   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 20:34)

We use to be pretty wierd. Then one day my dad brought home a nice record album for my little brother: it was called "The History of the Bonzos".
Now, We are normal.

with love, eel

p.s. and we want our freedom.

>>By eel   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 10:18)

Stuff it up your jumper!

>>By Horace Bachelor   (Sunday, 18 May 2003 18:43)

oh alibaba your camel loves you!!!!!!

>>By monster mash   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 00:23)

I love the Bonzos - they rule! My favourite track has got to be Canyons of Your Mind, closely followed by King of Scurf. Oh, and Hunting Tigers is brill too! I've been trying to find free mp3's of the songs recently, but I can't find any. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

I sniff - oh I sniff your perfumed hair! The sweet essence of giraffe!

>>By Es   (Wednesday, 23 Jul 2003 12:46)

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