Birthday Party


fucking hell isn't anyone a fan of the Birthday Party?I've got at least 5 mates that are die hard maniacs,(6 including myself),for Nick Caves splendid starting point.

>>By ass bandit   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 13:50)

I read your ranting on the Nick Cave page, so here I am. I love Mr Cave, and The Birthday Party, and even The Boys Next Door.

The Birthday Party have that roughness that would not be compatible with the Bad Seeds.

I think "Nick the Stripper" is superb, and "Dead Joe" is right up there....what am I saying, there's about 15 tracks that blow me away!!

>>By Mr X   (Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003 16:25)

They did not start bad but I prefer the last EP the most. Nick Cave have finally had it. He did not need this band anymore. "Tonight we sleep in separate ditches" Notice that Jeniferœ wail is the first hit in his style to come later.
But there is one thing clear. Birthday Party were like no other band. Hunkydoryscaryfunny.

>>By Ohne Mich   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 21:38)

Listen to The 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster, if you like The Birthday Party. They are fantastic, from Brighton, UK.

>>By Mr X   (Sunday, 21 Sep 2003 18:03)

The 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster

Been there, done that, bad copy, bad uninspired posers on drugs... Good that you like them, but please don't put them in the same street as an original band as the Birthday Party (also heavy on drugs, i know).......

The Birthday Party are great............

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 21 Sep 2003 19:53)

you can never go wrong with the birthday party. i'm a junkyard fan myself. hee-haw is kick ass also.

>>By jimakane   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 19:03)

Every single record was absolutely brilliant and even though their progress was obvious one can only wonder how far they could have taken it. The split was inevitable. But then we got Cave with his bad seeds and all the various amazing projects of Howard. We are trully blessed

>>By thom   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 20:25)

dunno... i think the birthday party kicked so much truck that they had to get it spread out over several continents... Prayers on fire was brilliant in its grit, spit and audio capture quality

do you know if Nick Launay recorded that one or not... seems all the artists he works with are on my tiptop list

my life is a box full of dirt... pure genius

>>By zazenista   (Sunday, 6 Feb 2005 21:40)

No, Nick Launay wasn't on this one. He did the "Release The Bats" ep and the song "Blast Off" from the lp "Junkyard" though

>>By thom   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 21:46)

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