Bill Frisell


Does anybody else think this guy is a genius? Please write me about your favourite Bill F. CDs.

>>By zot99   (Saturday, 31 Jul 2004 19:57)

Yeah he's a genius allright... He's got such a unique phrasing style and sound. Saw him live a couple of years ago in a free jazz festival. His performance really was a delight in the middle of the hardcore free jazz bands. I first noticed him in the Paul Motian On Broadway albums, the wicked harmonies really stood out. After that, the relaxed americana phase worked well... The Buster Keaton stuff, Ghost Town, With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones.

>>By man9   (Monday, 27 Feb 2006 18:41)

Terje Rypdal must be a major influence on Bill Frisell.

>>By headrush77   (Saturday, 8 Apr 2006 21:14)

"Rogues Gallery" is a lousy compilation and contains only one song of Bill - Please change it and put "East/West" instead. Ciao!

>>By Sun Turineis   (Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007 08:44)

He's a 'quiet genius', isn't he?

>>By nonyeb   (Monday, 30 Jul 2007 01:06)

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