Big Tymers


They are so bad I'm wasting my time talking about them. They fucked Juve out of his money. What's 20 g's when they pull 100 g's a piece. Fuck them...they clique trash. The best one is Wayne and when somebody break his mutha F****'n nose, he won't rap like a 5 year old. He the best in the clique and he trash too. They are on tv only cause they got money. That's it. And they don't like white folks to buy they're music so I say don't support those who son't support you. I hope they all die as broke as they were when they came in this world. PS don't nobody want to see Baby's mouth. You both need to go on Oprah and talk about how you lost all that weight after you get off your a$$e$ and work to put out a good record. Garbage....Period

>>By J-Trigga   (Monday, 29 Sep 2003 08:20)

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