Our Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Fort Mill, SC is Benny Wade. Benny has had Squire at First Baptist a couple of times and
of course we loved him. Benny has had Kidney cancer and had to have
a kidney removed last April and May 2nd , 2003, he had to have 14 lymph nods removed . Benny and his wife are building a cabin in Pigeon Forge and dedicating it to the Lord for all his years of providing for Benny in his ministry. Benny is often requested to sing "Sweet Beaulah
Land" and even at my own father' funeral last July, we enjoyed the music
of Squire Parsons. I have a request for Squire. I would like a copy of
Sweet Beaulah Land with a "best wishes to Benny" from squire signature on it. Would this be possible?

>>By TERRY   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 19:33)

i just saw my first concert in ten years, and it was beulah at the magic stick in detroit, and wow was i impressed. they are a great band, and i actually got to hang out with them for a tiny bit backstage, and they seem really down to earth and really cool. a lot of criticism for the yoko album (not from me, but others), but i think it is a geat album by a great band. it's too bad that they are hanging up their cleats after this tour.

>>By r.t.   (Sunday, 20 Jun 2004 18:34)

Yeah, I'm also bummed that they are breaking up. I saw them almost 3 years ago for the Coast Is Never Clear tour at The Abbey in Chicago. It was definitely one of the happiest shows I've ever seen. At the end, they invited some people up on stage to dance with them.
I don't understand the criticism for Yoko either. To me, nothing beats When Your Heartstrings Break, but Yoko was quite good.

>>By JoanFrost   (Monday, 21 Jun 2004 04:50)

they invited people up onstage during the encore as well. they gave everyone tamborines and bells and stuff to play during the song, it was really cool. You know anyone else i knows that likes beulah say that heartstrings is their favourite album, but i really think it's there weakest effort. I'm not saying it's not good, it's still better than most stuff out there, but i think the coast is never clear is my fave.

>>By r.t.   (Wednesday, 23 Jun 2004 11:40)

Shit, I missed them up in Brussels two months ago.. had I kown this was their last goodbye I would have made a better try to go and see them any way.... shit shit shit....

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 23 Jun 2004 18:21)

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