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Hi everyone!

I am a big Bert Kaempfert fan, and I'm trying to gather all of the material he released on 2-track. I have purchased all the Taragon (Decca) releases (not including Rebhien, Gabler) and the Polydor singles collection from 1958-1972. I'm getting ready to purchase the Bear Family's soundtrack cd. I want to make my own best of Bert CD's which include everything that he released during this 2-track time period. How close am I in achieving this? Are there any non-Polydor singles, non-Decca singles or albums that I still need to get, have they been released on CD, and where can I get them? Also, some of the earlier Polydor singles on the Polydor singles collection are in mono. Does anybody know why these were not recorded in stereo, and if there are stereo versions on CD, where can I get those? Thanks for any help on this.

>>By bkfan   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 09:32)

Last recording in 2-track stereo was the album "Free And Easy" the first in 8-tracks was "Orange Colored Sky".
Kind regards from one of the biggest BK fans in this world.

>>By nfp   (Friday, 12 Nov 2004 15:34)

To find out how close you are to achieve your goal you must state what you have already.

>>By nfp   (Friday, 12 Nov 2004 15:35)

Hi Nils!

I saw your post on the website. Sorry to get back so late. Apparently I still need the Combo Capers cd, 'Imbote' from Let's Go Bowling LP, and Ssh! It's...Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra LP. The problem is Let's Go Bowling and Ssh... were never released on cd as far as I know. Do the Ssh... tracks and 'Imbote' appear on compilation cd's, and if so, which ones, and are they still available?

Ssh... tracks:

Arizona Flip
Cannon Ball
Tender Melody
Horizon (Horizonte)
Jersey Bounce
Las Vegas
Longing For You
Mason Dixon Line
Shepherd's Cha Cha (appears on Polydor Singles Collection)
Cha! Bull! (appears on Polydor Singles Collection)

For the record, I have all the Taragon CD releases, the Polydor Singles Collection, the Bear Family's Soundtrack CD, and Polydor's Best Selection Japan CD, which includes Someone and For Nothing from Let's Go Bowling. If there are other essential tracks or cd's other than the ones I mentioned above that are part of the 2-track story, please let me know.

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