i have her on video & she is entertaining; Yes I agree that she's overhyped & overexposed but im guessing the reason for the overexposure in media & in "sales" is because she's not trying to a raunchy hip hop artist, shes a hip hop/r&b artist that does have a level of class that u dont see too much in hip hop with artists her age & also at the same time she has a good producation package around her but im not saying she doesnt have talent because she does have a certain range on her voice as I seen, but they want her laid back vocally just like they did with Aaliyah.

>>By star   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 20:28)

ashanti is the best, i seriuosly cant beleive there aint loads a people written in
or is it because she has the perfect voice and persanalty eva!
anyway i love her shes da boom!
her and ja murda every track they touch
thats all
its murda!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By rules down ass chik   (Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003 13:39)


>>By theMan238   (Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003 18:30)

Ashanti is easily one of the worst,uninspired R&B artists that ever existed......Seriously if she didn't have a moderate resemblance to Aaliyah and Ja Rule didn't waste his time promoting her untalented ass she would never have made it. Granted I don't think Aaliyah is the most talented artist but at least she can sing using more than one sylable!!!

Basically if you want to hear Ashanti repeatedly going "Oh" and "Baby" then feel free to purchase any of her tracks. If you want to hear actual R&B music then get something else.

>>By Hexam   (Monday, 16 Feb 2004 23:30)

aw, COME ON. she wrote the remix to j.lo's aint it funny. now there's a statement. 2 untalented ppl helping each other out.

>>By eatengold   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 10:56)

I love Ashanti music very much,expecially All I need in this life of sin and Rain on me is a cool music,I like her nice lovely voice,very cool one,hey Ashanti keep it up,love ya.

>>By tinaucee   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 11:27)

man 2 tell u ashanti lovers u guys sux 4 real aaliyah iz #1 and will always be and man all ashanti sings it all baby and that bout it how bootty iz that she and no singer she just like a straght up wanna be. now 4 another example aaliyah is a good singer dancer actor and man ashanti cant dance 4 real she sux so does murda inc they r wanster and aaliyah u r # 1

>>By curve   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 15:05)

Anyone who likes Ashanti that is over 15 should be ashamed...

She's absolutely fucking rubbish, she has a very notable lack of wordplay, one of the thinnest vocal presences I've ever heard, terrible delievery of notes (I.e. In her short verse with Fat Joe in "Whats Love got to do with it" she had to break the word love into 3 sylables) No punchlines, She uses the exact same hooks over and over throughout her whole songs to the point your head can literally explode listenining to that shit, don't even get me started on her lyrics because there would be nothing there without the terms "Oh" and "Baby"...

She's just a shit artist, seriously... Her production is the only thing thats good about her tracks, that and her look is the only thing she has going for her.

Honestly Ashanti wouldn't even be an artist if it wasn't for extensive marketing and teenbooppers, shes just a talentless sack of shit.

>>By Hexam   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 23:17)

this gurl aint a pretty sight without her precious make-up. i got a pic of her if you dont believe me. give me a message so i can email it to you.

>>By ladyvenom_619   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 16:09)

Check out Ashanti on the Baby Ree Mix Tape Vol. 3

For more info, call Pablo at 818-766-6939

>>By rizenable   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 22:14)

heey...stop the the fucking jeaoulsy yaLL...yoow whites dont know nuttin about blackz iigth yaa need 2 shut ya fuckin dirty mounth...Ashanti rox....she Iz a beautiful Black Lady ight.
Big up for your thing gal...don´t let dem stupid jeaouls asswhole´s stop ya

>>By PrettybrownEyes   (Sunday, 22 Aug 2004 21:58)

She is trying to bring her talent out instead...please stop the fucking shit ...oh baby doesn't matter.

>>By tinaucee   (Wednesday, 5 Jan 2005 13:26)

What makes you think that just because people are black means they'll like her? The bassist in my band is black and he absolutely hates her. We were bowling once night after a show and the bowling alley played "Happy", man, he actually ran outta the alley. I'm not even saying I don't like her, I love Only you so much...


>>By Urbane   (Wednesday, 5 Jan 2005 21:07)

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