Archers Of Loaf


what the hell is "talk about the archers of loaf", supposed to mean..?
i'm not interested in crapping on about some band, no matter how good they are, i'm more interested in talking with others who greatly appreciate the archers of loaf. anyway, i don't suppose it matters whether i come off as a jerk or not for complaining about the banality that i am most probably contributing to, but really the archers of loaf are one of the greatest rock'n'roll bands that ever knew how to write one good fuck of a song. but of course, apart from being fantastic songwriters, they are most definitely among the top five musical live acts that i have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. archers of loaf are a part of my life, a part of the very thing that often sustains the soul, a part of the inspiration for living. when it comes to music everyone who loves it has at least one artist, performer, band or whatever, that shall always be an integral part of their music appreciation habits, archers of loaf are this to me, a musical staple and a rock'n'roll/pop apex.

>>By pete   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 02:17)

i can't say I have all of their albums.........I can't even say if you played a song for me I would know the name of the tune but aol do rock. I actually really enjoy erick baccman's solo albums (is that how you spell his name. He is truly a great musician. Tragic Animal Stories (Eric's solo plus others album) a.k.a. Barry Black is truly fantastic and reminiscent of childhood. Freak if I am a reviewer. I think most people will hate it. But listen to it a couple of times. Its like watching the circus through binoculars. and yet its kind of personal. he even throws in a bit for the gen mass in tropical fish yadda yadda yadda..........

>>By iwishiwereabondgirl   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 14:38)

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