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Stop! i hered samples from System shock 2 (paranoid game) on his Drukqs. It's not a shame, he is a KinG anyway.
Ave, Cesar, morituri te salutat!

>>By Shock Master   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 15:29)

Which are the hardcore albums to get?
Donkey Rhubarb
Ambient Works vol1

I know nothing about these albums which ones are the cool ones.
Of course Drukqs is quality

>>By morge   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 23:53)

Rich can't possibly have been using the same software and hardware
for all the work he has done over the years. it goes without saying
that it is a MIDI based process, but can any one ( other than RDJ )
say with absolute conviction that apx had used only one set of parameters or to this day still does? no matter what he uses the only reason to ask in the first place is to emulate the finished product. what makes twin so great is the originality and the fact that when one hears
it , one knows it can only be Rich. so do your own thing. with your own list of hardware. I hope he is still using analogue synth boards, but it doesnt matter, aND you should not care.

>>By azak nahkehxax   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 07:49)

Changing the way you look at music and spelling. This is what music sounds like at Martian titty bars.

>>By Dresden   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 08:35)

> This is what music sounds like at Martian titty bars.

True :) Try Autechre for Martian coffee shops.

>>By 987   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 19:20)

aphex twin changed my life

>>By respect   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 21:40)

even about 2 months ago id never go anywhere fucking near tecno orientated music, id hate the stuff but i know im a newcomer and an amateur and all that but ever since i heard window licker that was it. ive purchased myself drukqs and am enjoying it thoroughly. aphex twin really opened up my mind, although saying i never liked tecno this stuffs pretty much a genre on its own. keep up the good work

>>By swayinglazily   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 09:53)

Richard ocasionally uses programs like cubase, but he mostly uses machines.

>>By Dj Auryn   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 08:43)

What is all tis baffling about which gear richard uses,it doesn't matter what he uses,altough i know that he uses a korg ms20,so al you stupid little shitheads out there whishing that he used fruity loops just because that is the only program that you can afford ,fuck you !!!Aphex kit list -korg ms 20
-pro tools(modified)-modified

Aphex is king cause he invents new styles,and when everybody is jumping on the bandwagon ,richard has started something completely new(not always that eassy to ceomprehend and to follow but always pure class)

>>By (cu)-mat   (Sunday, 8 Jun 2003 19:14)

What about Squarepusher.............does nobody care? I do.

>>By alphamale   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 13:15)

The squarepusher seems to use two mac G4 with max msp

I use my keyboard, my breath and my cd player

>>By nucblast   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 23:29)

Your all so fuckin stupid I just gotta laugh... (which is exactly what Im doin right now).

>>By Cabbage Patch Kid   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 00:36)

have any of you heard the "spazzy song" (track 2 or 3 on ab3)?
it just goes on and on: "mu mu mu mumumu mo mo mo mo mu mu mu mumumu mo mo mo mo"
caustic compilation is a blast! (spec. ital. eyeb.)
ps druqks is gooooooooooooooooooood!

>>By seretes   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 14:02)

hello everyone. here are some facts that you can use that are worth useing. RDJ uses a modified tb303, and a shit load of mac programs. that dumb fVck that siad he uses windows is a retard, because he uses a mac. 1 mac, with prgrams, and an FX prcessor when he plays live. he mixes his loops in protools, usualy he just gets on stage and clicks 'play'. his protools was modified by a friend over the internet. he makes his loops on ALOT of different program. one program that he uses is called a vowel generator, in the 26 mixes for cash. it pronounces vowels in a robotic type voice, like "iiiieeeeeoooouuuu". check my music out at http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=194743 ..I use fruityloops. anyone who says that fruityloops sucks is a moron that knows nothing about the composition of music. In all my years of experimenting i have never came accross any "walls' to hold me back with this program, i do anything i need in it. im sure richard uses a program like this to make his music. I wont go into great detail, but i seem to have a few programs that he must have used, i own a couple synthesizers that are realy like the ones he uses..it sometimes makes me wonder if he actualy does use fruityloops, because the sounds are just uncanny...anyway, i actualy have too much info about this to explain on this post, if anyone has any questions contact me at dorkwithagun567@hotmail.com. i state for the record that my goals arent to emulate his music, i simply get my influences from it, along with other artists that i enjoy.

>>By Orange mechanic   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 02:01)

i just checked aphex twins... really new.. different sound for me... its great... i love it...

im new here.. i guess you all are professionals in d electronic music scene... anyway i myself is starting to work on some stuff on fruity loops.. im a newbie so if anybody is willing to help me by giving me some samples... it would be very nice...

for those kind people willing enough to give me links to cool site and samples...

>>By eubs_   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 23:29)

wow! Lot's of technoheads on this page! I like the music but I 'd rather he ditched the rabid "drum 'n' bass" for his more experimental or classical sounding stuff.And I'm not the only one!

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 25 Nov 2003 00:48)

I've seen the Windowlicker clip. Wicked stuff.
Recently I saw a clip full of asian schoolgirls dancing about and their faces were all eventually smiling evilly; is that some new Aphex song?

>>By ftad   (Monday, 1 Dec 2003 17:14)

Come to daddy!

>>By Undertone   (Friday, 28 May 2004 13:09)

Dem ist nichts hinzuzuf├╝gen.

>>By teena   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 12:21)

No thom, you're not the only one. I was pleased with Drukqs for the most part, but it made me want to listen to earlier Aphex work. The piano pieces were really nice, I'm guessing there's some trick behind it, because as much as I want to believe they were played by hand, I'm thinking our friend used an old player piano and made his own scroll. I see a lot of competition out here about what tech RDJ uses. Why does it matter? Even if they knew and then got all the same programs/synths, they still wouldn't make it do what he has. He just used whatever method allowed his ideas to flow, at the time.

>>By letgravitydecide   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 07:09)

Aphex talks a lot of shit and everything but he is known to of said that he hates all the music he releases and he actually makes loads of better stuff that he keeps for himself never to be heard by his devoted fans. Hmmm, bull or not?
Im not sure if Aphex or Squarepusher is the Daddy i think we are yet to find out, squarepusher is definately more entertaining live and he dosent do that lame ass thing that Aphex does where he wanders about the crowd after his show with this whole "yeh just you try and talk to me" kind of an attitude. Last time i saw him he was doing that and people were actually asking him for an aoutograph, hahahahaha, he was walking about with some really old guy and a midget. That was kinda stupid but he is a fucking genius.
Who gives a shit what programmes he uses whats the point in arguing about it

"cummon you cunts lets 'ave some aphex acid"

>>By very cunty   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 12:27)

Can't beat that Aphex Acid.

>>By Trenounde   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 14:10)

I myself have found that a lot of afx-esque stuff can be made using Propellerhead's Reason. I've used a number of programs including Fruity Loops, Acid, Nemisis Giga sampler, cakewalk, and protools (to name a few), and I've found that Reason is hands down the best.


>>By otto77   (Sunday, 5 Sep 2004 16:32)

he's very very creepy to me,but his music is great!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Sunday, 5 Sep 2004 19:56)

The man has a point, Aphex or Squarepusher...... Who knows? I personally hold the standpoint that they are both truly talented individuals who create some seriously fucked up music. Oh and did anyone ever try fucking to it?

>>By monkeyfeet   (Monday, 6 Sep 2004 13:58)

Aphex Twin > Squarepusher

>>By Trenounde   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 15:24)

hey i wana get into this aphex twin but dont know which album i shud go for......
any suggestions????????

>>By qas   (Sunday, 12 Sep 2004 02:55)

go for druqks

>>By aNiMate   (Sunday, 12 Sep 2004 23:10)

no don't start with druqks. . .start with something older like 'richard d. james album'. . .

>>By drowninginflame   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 17:56)

This guy's nuts. Who else would release 3 hour long albums next to 30 minute ones? Other than the Clash.....

Start by downloading Come To Daddy & Windowlicker

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 14:42)

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