Anthony Hamilton


I heard AH has a new release set for 6/05 - anyone know any details - I love this guy!!

>>By labronner   (Saturday, 14 May 2005 03:04)

I haven't heard anything about a new release but I hope you're right, I love him too!

>>By arethafanatic85   (Thursday, 16 Jun 2005 07:48)

I have yet to purchase "Ain't Nobody Worryin" but I did buy Santana's new release. AE does the song "Twisted" and it is "the bomb". The rest of the CD is "lukewarm" but Anthony's track is worth the purchase.

>>By labronner   (Monday, 13 Feb 2006 23:47)

i have the 3 albums of AH we can see the evolution of the music the first sounds more southern than the other. the one which doesn't like me is the second, but i have to say that i didn't hear it a lot. Otherwise isuggest you to listen to "i know what's love is all about" , probably the most beautiful declaration of love. if you know some artist like him i would be pleased to exchange some informations

>>By mounest1   (Thursday, 4 Jan 2007 03:44)

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