K they are gay lol

>>By Jane   (Tuesday, 30 Sep 2003 03:53)

I disagree. They express themselves quite well, and I think they're music is very true.

>>By AccountFroze   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 08:52)

wow what a great thread
anyways they put many bands to shame and throw squirrels at them

>>By DeadForDoubleKick   (Sunday, 20 Mar 2005 00:41)

awesome band.

>>By ya-im-cool   (Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 01:28)

Alexisonfire started their album career with one of the most technically proficient and creatively ingenious records to come from the floundering screamo/punk/emo scene. Sadly, with each successive album they've started to shed their best qualities and have homogenized their once compelling and unpredictable signature sound. Are they still a good band? Sure; but that doesn't hide the fact that they were once something truly great, and they could have led the pack of boring retreads with something strong and mighty to live up to. It's a shame, but if you're going to check them out go for their self-titled debut before anything else.

>>By timodernist_22   (Friday, 3 Jul 2009 04:17)

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