Al Di Meola


he's on e of the tightest guitarist i have ever heard without a doubt. I wish he had more videos or dvd's available because i just wanto study his technique

>>By skarface   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 23:19)

when is his next tour in san francisco?? let me know

>>By fre   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 10:01)

When will he produce again those gorgeous music in his past albums "Kiss my axe, II", "Orange and Blue"?

>>By Nick   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 09:54)

One of my fovourites guitarists.
The concert with Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin was great.

Can't wait for the next concert of Al.

>>By sukalagu   (Sunday, 8 May 2005 00:59)

I'm quite new with the fenomenom named Al Di Meola. Recently bought my first CD of him 'Flesh on flesh'. An amazing guitarplayer he is. Sometimes it's really hard to follow on what he's playing. I've tried to with my guitar, but 'yaiks!', i'm very much better off by just listening to his - what i call - art.

>>By Sanvean   (Saturday, 14 Jan 2006 23:23)

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