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im a fan of punk, hardcore, ska, emo, a little metal, some piano rock etc. and im wondering what Agent Orange music u would suggest. you see ive heard great things about em, however i have never heard a song. i will download some songs then buy cds if I like them. however, i dont wanna go and download everyhting (my computer is filled 1/3 with music and i dont wanna contribute to that more) so i just need a few songs u would suggest. thanks a bunch.
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>>By neurotic_me   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 22:20)

Hey Angie, This Is the Voice, is an outstanding album. It`s quite strangely produced, get some tracks off of that album.

>>By squirrelbait   (Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 16:39)

angie...make sure you download tracks from the living in darkness cd...e.g. everything turns grey, living in darkness, no such thing...actually if you like west coast punk with a surf/skate feel then this is in my mind the best cd from front to back ever...

>>By SLAID   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 08:42)

bloodstains-it speaks for itself

>>By garth of the rarities (drummer)   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 00:34)

hey i have only heard a song of Crusty Demons of Dirt 3

>>By david_bay   (Thursday, 27 Mar 2003 21:01)

Does anyone know where I can get Virtually Indestructable. I have searched every where!

>>By stash   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 01:14)

Buy Living in Darkness, it's the best! I should know I was the original bass player and one of the songwriters....

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>>By James Levesque   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 02:39)

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