Adam Beyer


I saw him last saturday in Strasbourg and i live in London, i just would like to know if is gonna come in London soon.
If someone thank for the information

>>By Pauline   (Tuesday, 19 Nov 2002 20:58)

I like his banging TECHNO style. Adam you Know what you doing. This is Fucking good man!!!

>>By KANIBAL   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 20:00)

Adam you are the greatest dj...............
came in BG and see our techno scene
you're gonna love it...........
Adam,Bulgaria waiting for you.........

>>By HACKO   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 01:11)

Adam you are the greatest dj and producer. i was lising hem in "skc" Belgrad-Serbia i have lot of Adam vinyls and i play al Serbian and Bosnian Clubs.........:)

>>By then slace   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 20:06)

I heard u last week (06/12/02) in the unique festival that took place in an old factory in feet really pained from the non-stopping dance...........unbelievable beats. don't miss him folks.... respect##

>>By dimitris from kesariani,Athens   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 16:53)

The first time i listen , ohhhh is good, is excellent, really is a good Dj, i from Peru in Sudamerica and listen your music. Cool!!!

>>By GrOOvE   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 17:52)

soy kños desde Granada.Te queremos ver pronto por estas tierras.Me encanata mucho tu música.Haber si te vuelves a pasar por la INDUSTRIAL COPERA.

>>By kños   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 21:59)

Tenemos muchas ganas de verte por Granada.Eres el rey de la música.Haber si vuelves a venir a la INDUSTRIAL COPERA.Te esperamos pronto,aquí hay mucha gente que te sigue...

>>By Granadino   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 22:04)

does anyone happen to know where adam is origanally from?What town and state or country? i'm searching for a high school friend who i can't seem to find and i know his music is becoming pretty popular in the us...if anyone can help me that would be great

>>By tac   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 15:01)

...bad boy?see U everybody in HOLLAND!!!!

>>By >>.>v0£€mO§E33eI\I&.>   (Monday, 30 Dec 2002 01:06)

He is the greatest dj.
If you see this Adam, please come to Yugoslavia again!

>>By psiho delija@Novi Sad   (Friday, 3 Jan 2003 22:37)

if anyone knows what the real techno sounds like, it´s Adam Beyer

>>By dj bionic // M.O.I.C. // Zenica   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 10:54)

Adam comes from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Like other stockholm producers (cari Lekebusch, Thomas Krome, Joel Mull) Adam is one of the creators of the techno sound that are so copied by almost every techno producer around. I´ve seen Adam many mmnay times and he is unbeateble behind the decks. Cari Lekebusch may be the best producer and he write fantastic tunes that never stops amaze me. But Adam is the king on the decks.

>>By Sweden Rules   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 04:01)

can anyone confrim if adam is to play cork, ireland on the 30th of may please???

>>By buzzlord   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 13:49)

Adam - Poland 27.06.2003 /Instytu Energetyki/
He is the greatest dj

>>By java perry   (Friday, 23 May 2003 15:39)

Adam beyer es el mejor de todos,yo soy de colombia y por fin lo tendremos por aca para deleitarnos con lo mejor de su technisa,yo se que va a causar sensacion por que en sus cds demuestra quien es el.....ojala se lusca

>>By ivan   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 17:32)

What can I say.....he's second to no-one!!!!

>>By papillon   (Monday, 30 Jun 2003 01:26)

Adam Beyer , you are the leader of the few that can actually play techno properly . If everyone had your abilities techno would be far the most popular style . You are the journey and the journey is infinate . layer upon layer of aural delights , sounds echo like a perfect sphere.
Shapes evolving stories told , sounds become pictures in ones mind. You actually mix by FEEL and NOT PROCESS always having outstanding track selection.A great teacher and inspiration for all , i have learnt much from you ..............

All hail the emperor of techno ADAM BEYER

>>By djthepurist   (Sunday, 27 Jul 2003 02:36)

Totally, y'all. Completely stumbled across his show at Triangle in Osaka (damn fine club if you're ever in town,) and he blew me the FUCK away! Been outta the electronic music scene for about a year, more or less, and he's brought me back big time. The faith lives, the vibe alives, just keep it comin...

>>By wombus_osaka   (Saturday, 1 May 2004 06:27)

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