36 Crazy Fists


I love these guys. They mix post-hardcore, nu metal and emo up to make something completely unique. Brock Lindow has a stunning voice, wierd, but stunning. I was sure they'd be a one hit wonder with Bitterness The Star, but then they released A Snow Capped Romance and it was even better. 'Kenai' is my personal anthem.

I also saw them live just recently, and I must say, best show I've seen all year.

>>By Stinkfist   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 18:07)

Love these guys ! simple as. Bloodwork is an awsome track on the new album, and the chick in the video is HOT! ha ha. Thought the first album rocked but ' a snow capped romance ' tops it. " slit wrist Theory" on 'bitterness the star' is an all time classic though.

I missed them play the UK a few weeks ago and am still pissed about it !

>>By Phoenix Dark   (Sunday, 7 Nov 2004 14:20)

Slit Wrist Theory is indeed awesome and so incredibly easy to play too! Kenai is cooler though

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 17:23)

My favorite song by them is Destroy the Map, but Slit Wrist Theory has a very catchy and uh.. aggressive chorus. They're really good.

>>By Urbane   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 23:50)

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