This is the place, where you can help Gnod to learn about new music. If you know an artist that is not yet included, please use the "suggest a new artist" thingy to the right. You dont need to make sure that your suggestion is not yet known to Gnod. Putting in artists Gnod already knows will cause no problems.
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If you know any of these and the name is written correctly, please click on yes, to vote for inclusion. If you are sure that a name is a misspelling or nonsense, please click no, to vote for rejection.
Just like you and I, Gnod can't simply believe anything that people say. So suggestions don't go into its brain directly, but into a suggestion list. The top suggestions are displayed to the left and you can use the green and red links to vote for or against these suggestions. The numbers show you, how many people voted for and against each suggestion so far.