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I anm confused,

I was quite sure I wrote a long and serious comment on the intelligence theory posted earlier in this board and now I come back and I see totally nothing.. have I been erased because my opinions didnt meet yours...
Not very intelligent nor tolerant...
Hope someone can tell me why my post has been erased....

"What's the use of your tolerance, when you can't tolerate intolerance...?"

>>By Campking   (Friday, 19 Sep 2003 18:02)

After reading all 5 pages of text, I am left with nothing to do but laugh. It is something I shall call a "Tool war". People either suicidely (fideistically) defended Tool by saying that they are the greatest just because. Or people defending them with many examples of why they are the best around (apologetics). Then on the other side of the front we have the people that claim that Tool sucks because of many idiotic reasons (i.e. repetitiveness, selling out, advocating drugs......) and the occasional member (LittleFallOfRain) who can coherently explain why they feel about the band the way that they do. If I had to take a side, I would have to reason with the Tool fans..(notice that every time I use Tool, it is capitalized....and by the way I am the comma king). Indeed I feel that most of the pro-fans on this forum encompass the way that I feel about the band. To me, (I express TO ME) Tool is certainly the greatest musical group that I have ever heard....That includes classical music, celtic, brass, blues, modern rock, alternative, and anything else that I have been exposed to. Granted, I have heard and fell in love with many "original" (which by the way is sort of an impossibility as everything is derived from and aspires to be part of the perfect form...plato's theories on forms...) bands such as dream theater, weezer, cream, pink floyd, nofx.........I feel that the band that has captivated and entranced me the most is...Tool. Honestly, I don't care if some people think it idiotic for others, myself included, to place the members of Tool on a plane higher than anything else in music, or sometimes in factions of life. It may be pathetic, but so what, that's how I choose to evaluate their music and my life. I approach a different wavelength of my own consciousnes when I listen to their music...that's what they do to me, and that is why I love their music. They move me. I'm sure that others can relate.... In conclusion, I want to say that whether other people like their music or not, they have changed my outlook on many things and have helped me to look introspectively at my own soul and personality. So thank you Maynard for your deep, haunting and ethereal voice that has for me shed light on what capabilites and range the human voice has. And thank you Tool as a whole for touching my life that even still I'm left with incredibly deep emotions after listening to one of your cd's that I have probably heard a thousand times. Thank you.

By the way, I didn't want to do this but I have to.....The people that say that Tool are a bunch of sell-outs......They self-admittedly say they are on the cd "aenema" #7.....I doubt you have probably heard it since you obviously just blindly accuse someone of the very crime your favorite band (whoever it may be......michael bolton is my guess but who am I to judge....) is guilty of. "I sold out long before you ever even heard my name".....Every band that signs a contract and sells their music to the masses submits themselves to the will of the buyer (record label, you, me, everyone). Moral is, if you've heard it on cd or radio they are a sell-out. Tool as far as I know is the first band that actually admits this and publishes it. As far as the drug issue goes, I don't know a single song that advocates the usage of drugs. Maybe just possibly I can't interpret their songs as well as I thought I could (fat chance) but I don't know of a single one that states drugs and many other dangerous forms of life(abuse being a major motif in their music)are the fact many warn of the danger of such habits such as "H", "prison sex" and even A Perfect Circle's newest album "Thirteenth Step" is a statement of the finality of recovery. Granted, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please people if you have something bad to say about this incredible band, either keep it to yourself or at least rationalize your thoughts without nonsensical word usage like "tool fuckin sucks blah blabbity blah blah blah"

So as some may see this as an act of contradiction or temporary immaturity.........TOOL KICKS FUCKIN' ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

>>By roninbushido73   (Saturday, 20 Sep 2003 06:47)

I totally agree with roninbushido73....tool is fuckin' awesome.....i'm not gonna sit here a reiterate what was said but it is definitely true. another band I really like is Hoobastank.

i had a chance to get some sneak listens to their new cd. they are going to call it "The Reason" out 12/9....the next song they'll be releasing is "out of control"

let me know what you think...

>>By springpudding   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 21:04)

I want to laugh and cry and scream and explode when I listen to Tool. They are different from other bands because they are not comprised of a singer, a guitar player, a bass player, and a drummer. Tool is made up by an artist, an artist, an artist, and an artist. Instead of using brushes they use instruments. They speak from thier music and paint pictures in our minds. In the same way that we can sit and admire a Van Gogh painting all day, we become mesmorized by thier music. When you listen to Tool, you aren't just listening to music. It goes deeper than that. You can feel it. For a moment it is part of you.

>>By tooloot   (Saturday, 11 Oct 2003 08:27)

When I read tooloot's reveiw, i crapped my pants and puked at the same time. i agree that tool is highly artistic and talented, but to shower them with praise and compare them to fucking Van Gogh? that's overbored. Tool, like so many other honorable bands, will never be remembered or worshiped in 100 years.
When i bought Aenema, i was very satisfied, but let's face it. People who sit and admirer painting long enough to become "mesmorized" are stupid.
now i'm off to the kitchen to get fat.
Manowar forever
Hail and Kill!

>>By Metal Immortal   (Tuesday, 21 Oct 2003 02:59)

tool is something special. they do things with beats and notes that open up parts of our mind. but there are others that are special as well. others with an understanding of what music is to our four dimentional human minds. those who know that its all chemical. primus is one. mudvayne is another. mudvayne doesn't particularly turn my crank, but they do what they do with such passion, i find it hard not to give them credit for attaning the goal which they are out to do. which i beleve is simply to take a step back and see life in perspective, as briefly as it sometimes is. tool presents a multimedia onslought of aural and ocular
(Alex Grey "The Mission of Art") imagry in the hope thet others on this planet will come to the same realizations thaey have come to by simply thinking about the reprocissions of basic discoveries, evolution being one. the members of tool are not gods, they are just Peacefull Warriors (Dan Millman) doing the only thing that comes natually. how many of us can say that.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe   (Tuesday, 28 Oct 2003 19:32)

OK i have a question. Why is Tool called Tool?

>>By ftad   (Thursday, 30 Oct 2003 16:24)

tool is such a versitile word. its almost like an ink blot, it means whatever you want it to. i think of a tool of change. but someone else could think tool of society. the tool can be used and interpreted in an infinate number of ways. thats what i think.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe   (Thursday, 30 Oct 2003 18:50)

OK thanks for your thoughts.

>>By ftad   (Friday, 31 Oct 2003 05:26)

heres a question. is there an underlying theme in aenima? i have my own thoughts, but im curious to see if anyone has had any revalation on the subject.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe   (Friday, 31 Oct 2003 19:05)

ok, i will give my thoughts then. it seems that most of the songs are from diffrent points of view that come to the same conclution. that conclution being that we all stand at the brink of accepting the fact the consiousness is not in the body, but the body is in consiousness. the others seem to be a dealing with the shit that they come across in their travels as "popular" musitions. this is after extensive listening and lyric analisis. the "first" time i heard it (by his i mean truly heard it) i belived that it was from two points of view. one from the band's, screaming the message of awareness. the other from those screaming back at them, un-willing to accept the realizations that they have come to, because they have come to their own. which i loved because it is smitten with irony, and i was convinced that they were saying that they had a long way to go as well. i still see those words in there, regardless of there actual presence. but the words i see now guide me on a day to day basis.

"All you know about me is what I've sold you, dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, dip shit, And you bought one. All you read and wear or see and hear on TV Is a product begging for your fatass dirty dollar so ... shut up and buy my new record send more money fuck you, buddy."

i am a musition who has offen wondered about signing a recond contract. i have never, but have been offered. i am glad i havent, because the music would have been crap and i would have gotten no creative freedom . i would have been pop. then i would have live for a long time miserable playing music. then killed myself, not any closer to the gate. what i think tool is saying with this lyric is that people buy music for bad reasons some times, and they are better off with a tool cd than an a (insert disney "artist's") cd. selling out is ok as long as you have the freedom to spread the message that you want, not a corporation. that is very important to me and the music that i write. just keep on doing it, make no compromises, and if you can sell it to millions of people, jump on the opportunity.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe   (Monday, 3 Nov 2003 21:48)

To ftad:
Tool as a band base much of what they do on the philosophy of lachrymology. Translated it is the art of crying. Basically, it says that one can grow as an individual through the personal pains of life (I am REALLY summerizing this philosophy). The band called themselves "TOOL" solely because they wanted to introduce the populous into this way of thinking. The name was, for lack of a better word, a tool into the philosophy that the band has been so involved in and wanted to share with thier listeners.

>>By roninbushido73   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 04:24)

i dont know if this is old news, but all must look at
the sacred mirrors.
a beautiful thing.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 11:43)

i once read in a danny carey interview that he wished that TOOL could be like a drug for the listeners---That they could use it to expand their minds, or forget their problems for just a short time. I'm so glad when I read postings by avid tool fans. For a while, I didn't realize there were so many toolaholics out there. What's amazing is the striking intelligence, and open-mindedness of the people who love and respect tool as artists. Tool is a growing phenonmenon, and I don't even know if I can handle what they have in store for us in the future. It's like being at the brink of an orgasm.
Message for *MUFFIN QUEEN*-- tell me more about your boyfriends 500 page tool book.


>>By lesamarie   (Sunday, 9 Nov 2003 21:44)

i AM tools' #1 fan. fuck the rest of you. if i were homosexual, i'd perform fellatio on maynards peepee while fondling jonesies weiner and taking it in the caboose from both justin and danny at the same time. now that's a commitment.


>>By genocidal genius   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 05:45)

No man! Doing it without being homosexual would be real commitment.
You just talk shit.

>>By thom   (Sunday, 23 Nov 2003 20:53)

tool has to be My favorite band. There music is so varied from opiate to lateralus. I love the music is alway reminisent of some feeling or expierience. all the songs have a deeper meaning than just there sufarce value. if i could be inside maynards head for one day it would be like a dream come true. the is something in there music that sooths or or strengthens or creates a feeling. i love this band

>>By dyse   (Thursday, 5 Feb 2004 07:13)

Man, all the hate on this message board is amazing!
Are we talking about Tool, or what?
I mean, I thought Tool was about working through all that shit.
Well, anyway, it's nice to see a lot of people out there with similar feeling toward Tool. They are an amazing band, but I'm not telling you guys anything you didn't already know. I really enjoyed the connections that a few of you made between Tool and classical music. I've had similar thoughts myself. Most of Tool's songs follow definate movements, much like early classical music. And the fact that you can expand your consciousness while enjoying really great music at the same time, is truly awesome. They are a band that should be paid close attention too. Too bad there's not a lot to pick from in the progressive rock category other than Tool these days. If you guys are interested, you should check out King Crimson. Apparently, King Crimson was one of the bands that inspired Tool's music. The similarity in composition of music from both bands is very apparent. And, of course, Pink Floyd and Rush can be used as great comparisons too. The drummer for Rush (Neil Peart?) is just as good as Danny Carey, I think-------------minus Carey's sonic assault on the ears.
But when it comes down to it, Tool has much more depth than any of those other bands, and will stay #1 in my book as far as progressive rock is concerned. (or any other rock or metal for that matter)
It's a catharsis, people. Use it to grow and evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And enjoy every minute of it!
You guys are great! Keep listening!

"Please, give me the Satan worshipping family down the block.
The ones that have the good albums."
---------Bill Hicks

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"People who hate people, come together."
We're kinda having trouble gettin off the boards, but you know...
"Are you gonna be there?"
"Then I ain't fucking comin!"
"But you're our strongest member."
"Fuck you!"
"That's what I'm talkin about... you asshole!"
"Fuck off!"
"Damn, we almost had a meeting going."
It's hard to get my people together.
---------Bill Hicks

>>By strangled_desires   (Friday, 6 Feb 2004 19:07)

Neal Peart isn't as good as the Tool guy. He may be technically as talented, but he has no emotion in it. It's all about him showing off, and for my money, he doesn't even use enough counter-rhythms to really be interesting.

Keith Moon now....there's a drummer.

>>By Patterson   (Friday, 6 Feb 2004 19:52)

haven't heard Tool yet, but they sound like my kinda thing-
can anyone suggest a list of their songs I should listen to?

>>By endless_nameless   (Tuesday, 10 Feb 2004 01:04)

I would suggest anything off the "Lateralus" album. This includes such songs as:
The Grudge
Although, I would suggest just going out and buying the album if you're really interested in hearing "Lateralus". The composition of the album has a lot to do with the complete "Tool"
experience. It' one of those albums you have to listen to a couple times before you grasp the significance. (whoa, maybe they do brainwash you...?)
Anyway, a good sampling of their music would also include hits like:
prison sex
aenima (hope i spelled that right)
forty six & 2
hooker with a penis
third eye (personally, my favorite)


>>By strangled_desires   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 17:13)

i am trying to put together in a publication, experiences and inspirational stories from avid TOOL fans. if you are interested, please contact me at PLEASE only the serious, intelligent, open-minded and those of you who will write for free apply.
Tool is recording new material as we speak, although maynard is on tour, danny and adam have been in the studio for quite some time now. so everyone be prepared because your mind i'm sure is about to be blown.

>>By lesamarie   (Monday, 23 Feb 2004 03:51)

and oh yeah, for those of you who are interested in writing a piece for me, please don't immediately send your work. i ask that you please first send me a bio, and a little info on your ideas for the piece. THANKS


>>By lesamarie   (Monday, 23 Feb 2004 03:55)

Yeah...Les...I tried going to that site but apparently its not up any more or something or other.Yeah,I'm still interested if your still doing that.

>>By Grausig   (Friday, 12 Mar 2004 02:13)

Does anyone have any idea when the next album is going to come out? A Perfect Circle is on tour right now, so is the rest of the band writing/recording stuff while Maynard is touring? Its been awhile since Lateralus came out. APC is solid, but its not Tool, you know? Peas.

>>By tooloot   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 04:40)

I guess the rest of the band is doing the things they normally do next to tool. Animating, designing, recording other bands... don't know if they are writting anything at this very moment. don't think so, guess they do it together (what I rememebr from a documentairy of them like 6 or 7 years back, maybe even more.... Hell, getting old....)...

So ithink It can take another while before there is a new record....

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 14:21)

don't know much but the band is brilliant so far as i 'm concerned...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 20:40)

Danny and Adam are working on new material as we speak. However, Danny is doing a VERY small midwest tour with PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS. Check it out if you can. Maynard will be back with Tool as soon as the APC tour is over. All the info that I've researched leads me to believe they may unveil a new record as early as the beginning of next year! Oh lucky us!
I'm giving another call out to those of you who are interested in writing about Tool. For details, look 5 messages up!
fathom the power

>>By lesamarie   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 00:20)

Tool is amazing. Not even for the melodies or Maynard's heavenly voice, but simply for the music. I am a musician that is teaching myself to play guitar. I started playing about 3 years ago and recently go into Tool. If you try to play their guitar parts, you had better be an amazing guitarist. So, even if you do not like Tool, which is certainly your choice, everyone should respect them for the complexity of their written music. If you don't know what I mean, pick up a guitar and try to play some of their stuff sometime.

>>By bq_17   (Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 19:04)

tool is a pretty easy band to learn how to play cause when you try to play it u wont stop until u got it

>>By DARKSTAR/TOOL   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 05:47)

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