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my roomate put me on this band and I'm feeling it! Talk about fuckin shit up with good-ass music...

>>By spanishkid

All i got to say is that Thrice RulzzS HARDCORE. Their music is awesome and is well played out. And i like their mix of punk and hard metal. This is a unique band and it "ROCKS."

>>By MuSiCsTatX

what music videos do they have?

>>By thrice kicks ass

By far the best band ever....I have seen them grow from 20 people at one of their very first shows to over 500 sold out at the glasshouse just about a month ago. Insane!!!

>>By Jason

thrice is awesome, they are the best hardcore band I have ever heard. their music kicks my ass

>>By kimball likes fecal material

thrice is the best band EVER. freaking, both identity crisis and the illusion of safety are flawless cds, with no crap songs. THRICE OWNS YOU!!!!

>>By oncetwicethrice

omg...when are they touring. i need to see them. like my boy friend sticks on one of their songs the other day and i fall in love with it straight away!! so i goes out and buys both the albums and they both kick fucking ass. when do that come to the UK- cuz i am fucking there!!! get well soon glassjaw dude!!

>>By peanuts

Anyone who has not heard of this band is missing out!!

>>By ezrollah

damn..thrice fucking OWNS!!

>>By betrayal IS a symptom

Thrice is the best .................there music is unlike any other...........there a good punk band

>>By ThriceMatt11

also my friend is in the deadbolt video like more than the band is! hes the skiny guy in the front screamin his heart out! so if any of you ladies that have seen him
and are single give me an email and i'll try to hook you ses up!

>>By matt4hac

Best band out there!!! Wish they would tour around DC soon.

>>By SkyRaider79

thrice is quite possibly the best band on earth, my truck is cluttered with thrice stickers and always has thrice playing.
Who ever doesnt know about thrice, has to be exposed to this "phenomenon"
yes they are a phenomenon

>>By deadbolt63

this is and will always be the best freakin' band around.
They better not get popular... the last thing we need is avril fans and NFG
fans to start liking thrice.


>>By anti-avril


>>By Anti-NFG

Thrice is so freaking bad ass

....avril sux and should die and go to hell

>>By fuck MTV and avril

Thrice is freaking kool
they kicked a$$ in concert

emenem is a fag avril is an ugly, no talent bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By emenem is a fag

i love thrice to the max . i found out by hearin the lacrosse skit which is hialrious , then i listen to their music n got hooked. mos def AMAZINGNESS quality. I tell every one bout them NOt a bad song in da bunch i love ultra blue n identity crisis.Cum to Dc thrice !

>>By chuckfck

taylor mckay takes it in the ass

>>By jake

Thrice is one of the best bands out there without a doubt. Not only is there music amazing, but there lyrics are the best that i have ever heard. if anyone knws, are they a religous band because by the lyrcs im pretty sure that they are? do they have any music videos out? please respond

>>By Rahvin

Thirce is so fuckin badass! i had heard the "send me an angel" cover about 6 months ago (i think) and i really liked it and looked em up. ive been hooked ever since. theyre really great at what they do. they are one of the greatest bands to come around.

>>By The Secret Ninja a.k.a. UbnokshusMind

i listen yo some punk/hard core and i think thrice is pretty fucking nice. The lead vocals has this voice you fall in love with. Check them out.

>>By stoner

thrice is the best band i have ever heard in my entire life!

>>By matt

In my

I got know idea to finish but THRICE is awsome!!

>>By Phil

Thrice is the best fuckin band ever. There guitar riffs and vocals are off the hook. THey kick ass in concert and are better then pennywise. Yeah sean they are.

>>By Cockface

Seans mom is very good in bed and her pussy is loose. Her ass is so loose from my cock her asshole can suck up a watermelon. If anyone wants to have a good time call seans mom

>>By Fat Cock

I don't like NFG or GC. NFG ain't as bad as GC. I just don't like the high pitch screaming 'punk' stuff. I guess GC doesn't appeal to me. I set my standards too high. I like bands that aren't about making it big and who make themselves 'real punk' because they carve up their appearance as some pseudo-anti-establishment/authority. Personally, your not punk until you have piercings, spikes that are bigger than your juevos and all black clothing, always from the same brand, as if it were an abercrombie and fitch thats ooooo...underground!!!. We all know only a real punk-rocker can go down to hot topic and get pierced and get these clothes. It doesn't take the self-driven, F*** you attitude to make it in the punk rock industry. So why lose fans?

>>By Don't really care...

give me a jingle if ya want ot yay or cuss me

>>By hola uno mas

Thrice! what can i say? they're stinkin' awesome. the best band out there. not only do they love the Lord but they've got some serious talent. Proves that Christians can be in band and play for the Lord and still reach and appeal to those in the dark!!!! sweeeeet!!! ..rock on..

>>By hayhay

this website sux ass the person that designed it should go hang himself from a tree cuz my retarded brother can design a better site. Punkers suck ass and all need to go kill themselves. if you knew how to design a real website you would have naked college sluts fingering eachother. now thats a real site. naked teenage sluts getting fucked by barn animals or one legged migits. If your gonna talk about a band talk about the band of pearls im gonna nut on your face if you dont kill yourself now. Lick my chode bitches.

>>By Ben Dover

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