The Vines


Never before has the word "poser" seemed so relevant. We're supposed to think this kid is "crazy" cos he crosses his eyes and smokes out of a bong? Our only conclusion is that he's "Highly Retarded". I bet Silverchair is bummed on these guys for stealing their "Australian band ripping off Nirvana" shtick. Does this kid own a shotgun yet? Let's hope this guy continues to mimic Kurt Cobain to a T.

>>By Dresden   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 22:49)

i just looooooooooooooooooove the song "get free"!!!!
It gives me a lot of energy. Why is everyone saying the vocalist is imitating Kurt? Because of the sweater? or because their voices are close?

>>By Eli_Molko   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 00:37)

I happen to live the Vines, they're in the top 10. I don't really think that Craig Nicholls is going for the Nirvana/Kurt Cobain thing, he's just being him. I think he has very awesome "style" and way about him that makes him unique, even from Kurt Cobain. And how can they help the Australian band thing, they're from Australia, what else can they do?


>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 01:15)

Actually Craig has amental disorder that causes him to act that way, he isn't trying to be anyone. Though I do see the similarity between them and Nirvana.
Anyway, I love The Vines and I think Craig is adorable so shove it, and don't start entire discussions just to diss people, its not big, its not clever and NO you don't fool us with your fake opinion. Sorry, but I just hate people who love to spread hate.

>>By PatchworkDove   (Thursday, 30 Dec 2004 18:10)

Kurts dead who cares.

>>By okn0tok   (Thursday, 13 Jan 2005 20:52)

The Vines rule, end of story. Sure, the Nirvana influence is clear to see-not a bad thing at all in my opinion. I wouldn't call them a rip-off because they have their own unique style, obviously dresden hasn't listened to enough of their music!
Oh and that 'mental disorder' is called 'Asperger's Syndrome' a condition my little brother suffers from jsyk

>>By endless_nameless   (Friday, 17 Nov 2006 15:17)

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