The Shins


anyone got any live shows?

>>By cedarroom

anyone got any live shows?

>>By cedarroom

The most amazing record by golly! I am new to the Shins (5 months new.) This is definitely the record of the year.

>>By Robert

At some point in the 70's, Brian Wilson slipped away from his bed and fridge full of chocolate bars, keg of liquid LSD, and gleaming mountain of coke just long enough to impregnate some chick in New Mexico with his prodigy child. This band rocks.

>>By Dresden

I Honestly would consider the shins to be one of my top 5 favorite bands. I can listen to Oh, inverted world over and over. their sound and melodies are simply amazing; In fact i listened to them sitting on a cliff watching the sun set this evening it was unforgettable.

>>By shelby

Anyone know when a new shins album is coming out?

>>By Eli

I love the shins so much! I wish more people have heard of them. I stumbled over their record by accident, sitting in an abandoned cobwebby corner, probably with an ancient curse on it... and fell in love with it. They are AWESOME.

>>By OPIVYfreak

I must have listened to chutes too narrow for a week straight. This is the most interesting and compelling version of rock/pop I've ever heard

>>By cleankid

ahh the shins kick assss. they are deffiently in my top five favorite bands. we are seeing them in concert june 14th!! i cant wait. oh inverted world and chutes to narow are great cds

favorite songs - know your onion, new slang, caring is creepy, gone for good, mines not a high horse

>>By laxitivechild

yes yes laxitivechild. haha since you are john my good friend. the concert was sooo fun i hope they come back like they said the would AS LONG AS THEY ARENT WITH THE GLANDS. oh please god no i will shoot myself if i have to listen to them for another 2 hours of my life.

>>By lexi33189

Was searching the net today and came across a very Shin's like band called Jeopardy. I think they are based in Australia, but they had some good stuff.
Maybe worth a look and wonder what others think?

>>By Feral

I will not check this now... But The Shins' song "Kissing the Lipless" is pretty cool... I'm listening to it right now...

>>By Grazyl

the shins are great. Get the "Garden State" soundtrack, its got the shins and other stuff like them. excellent stuff.

>>By isaacbrockthelostprophet

I love The Shins, from quite a while back when my brother got me into them. Then I found out that they were in Garden State (one of my favourite movies, and also soundtracks) and, I was just too happy. And that they are one of Zach Braff's favourite bands, tat's fantastic, he has wicked taste in music.

I really hate the fact that they're ONLY getting popular from Garden State though. Oh well. But worse is that they're on the Spongebob soundtrack.

>>By xfadetobrightx

Can't stop listening to "Sea Legs"

>>By DaddyNeedsaDrink

The new album "Port of Morrow" has some very interesting things going on-- The Shins retain their handle on making their music sound curiously out of time-- yet almost paradoxically, this record sounds hugely modern and contemporary to the current trends of indie rock and pop. The colouring is mainly of the production variety, where vocals are treated, instruments are powerful and sound bigger than they ever have before, and complex layers weave in and out of the mix with a pleasant sheen that never sounds too cluttered for it's own good. The Shins combine everything that made them compelling in the first place and throw a few new twists out there along the way-- and it doesn't hurt that this is their best complete set of songs in years.

>>By familiar_and_frail

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