The Kovenant


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whats the song that covenant play on the death is just the beginning 5 cd?

>>By afro

kovenant is real good band to play industrial black-metal! Hellhammer blomberg rulez

>>By jemmy666

idealistic, elevating

>>By helmer

kovenant RULE

>>By SatanRulez

Morbid than any I Here.

>>By JaconHell

new album coming wait....

>>By SaTaNeL

Hellhammer = God!!!!!!!

>>By Dark

The song Kovenant does on Death Is Just The Beginning is "New World Order"

>>By Dying Fetus

The song Kovenant does on Death Is Just The Beginning is "New World Order"

>>By Dying Fetus

they rule but i cant find a fucking song they made called faceless mannequin if anybody knows were to down load it from EMAIL ME AT EVILCLOWNSPAWN@AOL.COM

>>By evilclownspawn

The Kovenant are truely one of the most under rated bands in Black Metal. With Lex"Space Commander"Icon trying to go into a new direction called "Progressive Space Metal" is really a bold move. I think that SETI will be a true triumph. But still I do miss the Nexus Polaris days.....

>>By Arcturus

You guys like The Kovenant and Most Electro/Synth style black metal. Check out Arcane Church - Electro/Synth Black metal Masters. The Masters of 21st Century Chaotica
Check it out guys you will like
Naberiux - Cyber Dominatrix and Psyonic Usurper

>>By Naberiux

Ohh heres the site

>>By Naberiux

you are the best continu and d'ont stop !!!!

>>By amine

Human Abstract make the rule...Jihad is my Guide

>>By UltrasSatan

kovenant is really good they sound alot like rammstein

>>By hitman2312

each person is searching.... but unable to find. Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places. "...and men loved darkness rather than the light; for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed. But, he who practices the truth comes into the light, that his deeds may be exposed as having been made new in God."

>>By Anti-Anti-Christ

Nexus Polaris Is The Best Album

>>By The Nameless

Why Didn't You Continue In That Path, What wrong decision did you make???
The NameLess - guitarplayer for children of bodom

>>By The Nameless



=) kovenant,is tha BEST!


Kovenant rules lex kicks ass hes got such a good voice and the drummin in it is plain but goes well with the style so its eccepted :) lets just hope to hear more from them i herd thers a new album and dvd comin out.

>>By EdDy-blackmetal-drummer guy

The kovenant kicks too much ass !! they gotta make music video's and sell more shit in canada! Then they would be even more fucken awsome! Can't wait for S.E.T.I........


i allready have SETI bought the promo edition yesterday and i gotta say that it is one of the best things ever :-P

>>By moi

fuck me jesus , ,, Kovenant is a great band its my blood

>>By Mohammed

Hypnotising industrial gothic metal!


>>By Posercorpse


>>By SynFetish666

Shit!! who's that goddam christian motherfuecker????

The Kovenant is not Satanic but it is a 100% Anti-Christian band!!!
So, fuck off you Christian bitch!!!

>>By Boldo

I think that kovenant sucks!!!!!!Stop playing music if you can't come up with something better than S.E.T.I.
This is really just a disgrace to electronical music.
And what about the beginning of Star by smells rammstein all the way.

>>By Rimmer

Ak je tu niekto zo Slovenska a miluje Kovenant tak ako ja, nech sa mi ozve na Animatronic ist BEST ale S.E.T.I. tiež nie je zlý. Havenly children gonna die!!!!!!!!!!! Fallow the Kovenant or die!!!!!!!!!! you motherfuckers!

>>By Marklyn

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