The Faint


What's the name of the song with the lyrics "oh ah oh ah oh ah" or something along those lines?

>>By themodernage   (Monday, 13 Jan 2003 01:30)

it's posed to death, number six on danse.

i love them.
take it easy

>>By jonzing for spike   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 04:48)

hm the fain fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkking rock hm yeah check them out see them support them however u can if the faint are embeded in ur head. salam

>>By glinkon   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 14:23)


>>By Brooke Crisp   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 18:05)

mmm... they sound good...   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 02:00)

Hell yea the faint are cool as hell in fact im listening to them right now there on the repeat and been going for days

>>By J3st3R   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 04:06)

yeah the faint kiss ass i just seen them live at the fillmore in san francisco it was one of the best shows ive ever seen my favor. to watch was the drumer, he looks so kool when he plays, i mean they are one of my favor. bands now that my friend gave me their cd, and if you havent seen them go see um they're great its like nothing i never seen i mean it, laterz

>>By dante5150   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 06:31)

the faint at houston were fucking badddassss!!! they are so good, their show is like one big orgasm the whole time!!!!!!!so fun, rock on!

>>By mynameisgood   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 03:15)

hey the faint is good does anybody like bright eyes in here

>>By brighteyesisthebombboy   (Saturday, 20 Dec 2003 04:42)

all i can do is just danse it up!!

>>By Disco Dollie   (Saturday, 31 Jul 2004 12:18)

i just got this badass poster of the has andy warhol on it...oh yea and they are an amazing band.

>>By geminice   (Thursday, 21 Apr 2005 02:57)

I think their stuff get's better with each LP. Their latest stuff from "Wet From Birth" is great!
If I had to choose a favorite song, it would be "Symptom Finger" just because it's so catchy, but really the whole thing is worth listening to- many times.

To those reading this who have never heard The Faint before, NOW is a great time to start!

>>By o0Helix0o   (Saturday, 17 Sep 2005 14:07)

I love the Faint, I was never a fan of techno sounding music, but they changed all of that with their punk feel and techno sound. I love it, completely love it, I have all of their CD's. I just think they truely have a very unique sound. If anything could ever be called indie, its The Faint.

>>By Wednesday   (Sunday, 18 Sep 2005 17:40)

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