The Darkness


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does anybody know where to get the albums of this great band?

>>By redforest   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 00:26)

apparently they are out on kazaa if ur into downlodaing music...........

>>By chits   (Monday, 4 Aug 2003 12:37)

The Darkness's debut album is Permission to land and it's out now! It really kicks Ass!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Monday, 4 Aug 2003 17:56)

The darkness are ace! i wanna go see them in concert but have no money! anybody know how to sneak into manchester evening news arena????

>>By christina   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 15:34)

He He i'm goin to c the Darkness live in Vicar Street in Dublin In October, can't wait. I saw them live supporting Metallica and they were AMAZING!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Tuesday, 23 Sep 2003 09:28)

oh no... i saw this groups music video just a second ago, and it was the most horryfying thing i've ever seen!!! Ugly ass faggots singin' high n' wearin' tight 70-stylish pants, with curly hairs? OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!! First i tought that it was just a some kinda humour video from a comedy group, but no. It was all sceary and true.... where is this world goin' to....?

>>By Diseaze   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 17:31)

When i first saw the darkness, i shared diseazed's view, but all my friends have been brainwashing me with the 'so sad it's actually cool' theory.

And i think it has worked.

Darkness Forever!!

>>By Luna   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 17:55)

I love The Darkness - they're a lot like Queen. I don't see how you can have a problem with high-pitched singing. I think that's awesome. They're really bringing back good rock music.
Why were my earlier comments deleted? I didn't say anything unreasonable.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 22:02)

Anyone who thinks the Darkness are Faggots just don't get them. first of all they picked a name like "the darkness" even though they are one of the most Flamboyant groups around. Which is quite Ironic. But they're reinventing Rock and Roll! Gone are the day's of depressing Grunge. These guy's are Stadium Rockers and i think they have what it takes to be the Next Queen or possibly even better that Queen.Just becuse they're over the top and Camp people dont take them seriously but they are Excellent musicians and they Basically Rock!
I saw tham live last night and they were sooo good, that high pitched voice is not the product of high tech studio work, Justin Hawkins has those High notes, baby! All i can say is Long live Rock and Roll and Long live the Darkness.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 13:24)

One can only take so much irony!It all must be ironic or else it's just godawful horrible music with an equally horrendous look to match. We've seen it all before and it was bad enough the first time around.

>>By thom   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 22:53)

You mean you didn't like Queen? There was never enough of Queen. I believe The Darkness were sent by God to continue what Queen started. If Queen were around today, this is the kind of music they'd be producing. Of course, if Queen were around today, we wouldn't have any of this 50 Cent shit, I bet. I'm amazed that such a great band as The Darkness could form in a modern environment. It's miraculous.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 22:57)

The Darkness are definite Saviors for Rock and Roll! Anybody who doesn't like their style is just Homophobic! Even though they're not Gay they're passionate enough and secure enough to dress like complete Fags. They're just a fun band with the Talent to back it up! Anybody who doesn't agree should see them live because they would definitely have an enjoyable night!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 15:33)

I think if Queen were still on the scene, rap wouldn't have become so popular. Queen influenced hiphop a little, at least.
The Darkness are just like Queen! I suppose you could say they're more gay than Queen or whatever, but just compare the names. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with acting gay. I love their image, and it really isn't conforming to modern ideals of image.
They're really bringing back decent rock and roll, and converting the rock scene back to what it used to be. The nineties sucked apart from a very few bands but the 80s were great with Queen and now we have Queen's replacement, 12 years too late. I'm going to listen to The Darkness and I'll be damn happy while I'm doing it. I'd really like to see them live.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 18:28)

I don't got nothin' against bein' gay, but i got a problem with it, when it's so fuckin' over acted like these faggs do! I mean, this is just awful! An Queen was cool. They were nothin' like these weirdos. N' i don't think that Queen influenced hiphop at all... Hiphop was created in the ghettos of Bronx... So even if Freddy n' the whole Queen crew still were here, 50 Cent would be doin' his albums.

>>By Chromez   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 22:59)

the night they played in new york i was too late. they turned the $hit into a private party right after they played. i have to wait until next year to see them! someone who feels sorry for me buy me a 36" shirt from thier web-site. ill give you a handjob.

>>By glittershit   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 23:03)

glittershit, How about i buy u the T-shirt and we'll call it even, i dont need the Handjob.
Anyway, all i wanted to say is that all you people who have a problem with The Darkness's Gay image you obviously just dont get it! They're just bringin Showmanship back into performing. I agree with Sk8er H8er the 90's sucked with all that grunge crappy Radiohead shit that made people feel like killing themselves, what's wrong with the Darkness bein over the top and fun? They're in a performance industry, they're not fucking librarians! And for the last time they're not actually Gay! It's just their thing, you know their image?
Does anybody else know a band that can support a heavy metal act like Metallica and support someone like Robbie Williams and still appeal to a whole Spectrum of fans? The Darkness are just so different to anything since Queen, that's why they're so refreshing and popular right now.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 12:40)

So what is their website? Anyone who has the sense to ask for the shirt and offer a handjob is intelligent enough to deserve the shirt without the handjob.
I am so in love with this band. I'm only 15 but I listened to Queen as a young child and they were my favourite band so I'm really happy someone's brought back their style of music without being a tribute band. My friends had suggested that The Darkness would make a good Queen tribute which is how I got into them in the first place. Personally I think this is the music of Queen reincarnated.
You'd do anything for a quiet life!

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 14:13)

If Darkness is supportin' neither Robbie Williams or Metallica, i guess it's just a big joke from both of 'em. Come on! I bet Hetfield just thought: "let's give people somethin' they can laugh at"!

>>By Chromez   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 16:10)

Well, I never liked Queen and it only has to do with the music.It's a matter of taste really and you can't criticise me for that.And I don't think there's anything wrong with a rock band being fun onstage!Only, The Hives is my idea of a fun rock perfomance and not The Darkness which I concider idiocy. And who said anything about "gay"?I am homophobic because I don't like The Darkness?Good god! You reached this conclusion on the grounds that we don't share the same taste in music? Listen to yourself!"ANYBODY who doesn't like their style is JUST homophobic!" .It's so obvious to you, uh?Who's the homophobic here?And your nickname!Boy!Have you got a big head or what?!

>>By thom   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 16:34)

Chromez ,Hetfield was thinkin that when he heard Linkin Park were a support Act they are absolutely useless live whilst the Darkness are great live musicians. And yes Thom i have a big head i mean that's why i picked the nickname, you really got me there. Wish i'd come up with Thom now, now that's an eyecatchin one. Look all i'm sayin is people come on this discussion and say stuff like Oh the Darkness are big Fags. This is what lead me to believe a lot of u were Homophobes! I really dont care if u dont like their music, that's your choice. I just think they're not taken very seriously because of their Flamboyancy and that's ok because on first impression you either love them or Loathe them. I personally love them! And i'm gonna pretty much back up their corner no matter what any of u say!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 18:11)

Whatever! And by the way it's not a nickname.It's my real name.That's how people call me.what can you do?

>>By thom   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 14:53)

Make up your own nickname!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 16:48)

umm... cool.... i got haters now... well, Thom, relax a bit, okay? I'm just foolin' around, don't take my words so seriously. And ofcourse people are goin' to love 'em, no matter how hard people who hate darkness will insult that band. But like we all know, things always have 2 sides: One group of people praise Darkness, one group of people hate Darkness. And that's true on every single band in the world!

And Metallica itself picked Linkin Park to support them... Why would they take a band to support them, that they don't like??

>>By Chromez   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 16:32)

Everyone I know either hates or loves The Darkness. That's certainly not the case with all bands though. People who hate The Darkness tend to be homophobic or they just don't like rock music. Personally I love rock music and I have friends who are gay so I am in love with The Darkness.
A good song which isn't on Permission to Land is "The Best of Me".

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 17:32)

OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 17:50)

Sk8er h8er, you sayin', that there is a band that everyone likes? A band that is equal with every human beings music taste? Oh please, tell me what is this magical group, that doesn't have no haters, only people who like 'em!

>>By Chromez   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 19:00)

No, I meant that most bands have people who just don't care at all. Everyone I know cares about The Darkness. Either they think they're absolutely shockingly bad or they love them like I do. But still, some bands have no haters. I guess mainstream bands all have at least some haters, but underground bands could have a 100% fan following. The Darkness weren't made to be underground, so of course they'll have haters. I'm not one of them, but I'm guessing you are. People seem to love or hate The Darkness with no contention about the matter.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 19:21)

I dont know whether Metallica "picked" Linkin Park to support them but they were there! I was at the concert i should know. U yourself said Hetfield must've siad Let's give people "somethin to laugh at" with The Darkness so......................I'm not even sure what point you're tryin to make!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 21:15)

Well, I just find myself eerily attracted to them. Maybe it's his voice. I just saw the video for the first time two days ago. Personally I find their style cute as hell. I mean, you got to love how they take it back, you know?

>>By Sha Sha   (Saturday, 11 Oct 2003 07:12)

okay, i got no point... i'm too tired of all this... Let's just say Darkness is weird band and be happy... Is that fine with ya'll?

>>By Chromez   (Saturday, 11 Oct 2003 12:29)

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