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Well , I run the Beach Boys webring and welcome all websites to join and if you go to the Bradco webrings homepage which is a member of the BB webring you will see all the other webrings I run!! I was watching a show about your country and when it was divided and thought it would make a great site if someone would tell the story of how it was on the east and listening to american music during this period and what it took to due it!! It would also educate many americans !! Just a thought!! If you do not know a website such as this but can make it! or even tell the true story , i would be happy to give space on my domain!! homepage Bradco webrings beach boys webring


The Beach Boys were and still are the best band ever!

beach boys are so rad!!!...i love their song, their are awesome!!!!

>>By lilbeachwahine

beach boys sucks!!

>>By beatles lover

beach boys are so rad!!!...i love their song, their are awesome!!!!

>>By lilbeachwahine

The Beach Boys came up with the lyrics that appear in many music genres like emo and pop music, and they do sound pretty good.....little surfer girl.

>>By matt s.

The Beach Boys are the greatest band ever. Not only were they great Singers they are great players as well. Carl Wilson is a great guitar player.



If you can read this go to

The Beach Boys total blow away the Beetles. The Beach Boys are so much original. There songs have more heart then anyother. Where were the Beetles in the 70's and 80's? No where. The Beach Boys were a profitable touring act.


The Beach Boys are off the heezy fo sheezy and that is on the real-a real from you boy that is chill-a chill.


heyaa every1

how dare the beatle fan slag of the beach boys. the beatles are far over rated like come on there on the scene for 10 years and they becum the best band in the world.......errm no i dunt think so. im a massive bee gee fan my self but i have great admiration for the beach boys they sing realy good harmony and have songs that last. Bee Gees are beach boys are very close with music style and also are very close as freinds

>>By Bee gees

beach boys rock beatles suc

>>By dandaman

i have them on video & i love the music past & present

>>By star

My favorite Beach Boys Tune is "The Warmth of The Sun" because I think that Brian really acheived his goal of making music spiritual.. Some of the stuff from the 'Smile' era that we are treated to, like Windchimes and Cabinessence are jawdroppingly beautiful, and I still get shivers whenever "Wouldn't it be Nice" comes on the radio...

that said... Why is Mike Love such an ass?....

>>By Diabolik

the Beach Boys is what my dad used to punish me on long car trips. i hate those fucking fags

>>By Metal Immortal

to bad metal immortal but i never got punished with beach boys because i love them. i also love things the total oppisite but whatever. i still like them.

>>By loves2laugh

Shame on you, Metal Immortal. Clean your mouth out with soap & water this instant.

>>By nonyeb

i'm a fan.

>>By raspberry_juice

awesome band.

>>By Reesh

They are total.

>>By nonyeb

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