Strapping Young Lad


They blow me away they are..... exciting, breath taking, exhausting.......orgasmic lol

>>By Wakey Girl

Strapping Young Lad rock my hairy anus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best band in the world. Fuckin unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By dimebag darrell

Devin Townsend is king !!!!!!!!

>>By dimebag darrell

Ive only just herd 'em today and they fucking rule! Just got my ticket to see them at the mean fiddler!! whats that song called that they supposedly only do live....something about metal maybe?

>>By Hairyviking


Cock Viking

>>By Cock Viking

Me cago en la madre ke os pÓrio a toos,giris de mierda.SYL rulzzz

>>By Tmeo

Totally rock my hairy anus!

>>By SPooN


>>By gothhead

devin rules, his band rules, fucking insane.

>>By strap it once and thats all!!!

greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! devin is god:)
hail from slovakia!

>>By miso

tyler durden meets george carlin meets bill hicks...with some sort of noise in the backgroud...

>>By aenimosity

i saw them with meshuggah like 5 days ago... i've heard of them before... but seeing that fucking drummer is the fucking shit... gene is a fucking amazing drummer...


Devin Townsend is a genius at what he does.

He has proved that with projects like the "Vai" band, Punky Bruster, Almighty Punchdrunk, his solo stuff, Strapping Young Lad, and the new Devin Townsend Band. He is a talented musician, and I hope we get more releases from the man. Also, the experience of seeing SYL Live is excelent. They are an excelent unit when on-stage, performing!

Being a fan of his stuff for more than 3 years, I have enjoyed everything he has done. Hopefully I won't be dissapointed in the future!

It's Stink Hot At 5.A.M. When The machine Starts Again, The Sky Is Pink! ALL HAIL THE NEW FLESH!!!!!

>>By Reaper-Man-666

i just saw them with meshuggah, at clutch and i am now a Strapping Young Lad freak. thank you for your motivation, thanks!

>>By VyKos

the entire album makes me moist myself!!!!!!!oh yea, the riffs, the drums THE SCREEEAAAAAAAMMM!!!!!!

>>By sodajerk

SYL makes Pantera sound like they're an acoustic guitar short of a folk band!

Saw them Live at Bradford Rio (UK) back in March and they fookin' well and truly did it for me, I can tell ya. Dev rocked all night long!

Like metal?... Love Dev :)

>>By Stin

oh,my fucking god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By alvaro

hey hey
devy is the shit seen him twice met him one at the mean fiddler chatted to him and gene , he is a really nice guy to talk to .
the band rules on stage they are in love with what they do and put it all in to the sound its amazing
once you listen to his stuff you are hooked. he is like a drug ... lol

peace all

>>By Nishma

I think you all don't realize how much Talent Devin Townsend has, This man has done so much with his life, it's amazing. The amount of work he put into all his albums Of Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Bad is Amazing, The songs has such power and emotion, it all deals with now-a-days shit that's in our lives. Whether your a kid who has stress past your neck or a man or woman who had a hard fucking day at the office crank some SYL and LET IT THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! (City Being his best Album in my mind)

>>By Josh

Hate to break it to you guys but SYL are good but they're too fast.........what they play has been done before.........Gene is fast with his double bass but Tomas Haake is a way more well-rounded drummer who has the most 4 way limb independence of any drummer I've ever heard........sorry SYL fans, Meshuggah crushes them

>>By Meshuggahfreak

At the Meshuggah/strapping show Devon commented on my hair in between song lyrics, in the MIDDLE of a goddamn song.....


....i was excited.

But then meshuggah caused like 456 orgasms in about an hour and a half, so yeah. Best night of my life.

>>By Haake101

And meshuggahfreak, couldnt agree more.

>>By Haake101

thats some heavy shit right there

>>By SEPHiRious

Well they are like one of the best I've ever heard and I like a lot of bands people have never even heard before. You Know lot's of struggling bands.

>>By Spunky20

one of the most powerful band ever listen to , with the vanguard of the genius Devin townsend, keep headbangingn SYL rules!

>>By derek78

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