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there are an exellant band they better stay togather

spineshank are cooooooool. its a pity i cannot find any sites to download them from.

also they had lead me to a "new disease". i have a permenant hearing loss because i have been listening to them forso long, and so loud.
so "i cant be fixed" until they find out how to fix me.

this i a formal complaint. dim it down a hade boys.

>>By the height of the thing

I love spineshank. i'm also dating the drummer but hey i love the band. everyone should listen to them. they really need more radio play in northeast ohio.

>>By Queen Bitch Diva

my brother used to go to high skool with them and they used to be realy close buddies and my brother also used to roady for the back in the day and i used to see them come and go to the house i got into then and i found out later that my brother knew them he even showed me pictuers there realy kool and i still cant belive they made it this far into thr music buissness

>>By drea

I am hooked on 'Synthetic'. But they are not very well known. Well in Australia and Africa.
Awesome band.

>>By aussie_in_africa

i love can't be fixed on the hight of callousness album, and i can't wait for the new one soon :)

>>By Dani

I don't remember how I found out about Spineshank, but all I know is I love their albums and can't wait for the new one that's supposed to be out in May 2003!

>>By son of a bitch

hi im dan please visit my site www.spineshank666.cjb.net

>>By dan666

i just love "Perfect Ending" is the best song ever! i just cant wait for the new album

>>By scott


i love that one song transparent from the height of callousness

SpiNeShaNk Rox0r, both strictly diesel and HOC were awesome cd's and the music is so intense and CALLOUS and can't wait for there third cd should be 1337 as.

peace out -

>>By SpiNe


>>By (god) KOREO

Spineshank is my life

>>By NightHawk.357

Spineshank kick ass!!!!!!!!!! I luv their album and cant wait for the new album . Not many ppl have heard of spineshank which suppriss me alot cuz they fukin RULE!!!!!!!!!

Peace Out My Metal Headed Buddies

>>By ThE sICkNeSs

Spineshank ae the best band and I can't wait for 'violent mood swings' and want to find somewhere that sells 'strictly diesel. I also will never stop until I know everyone recognises spineshank as the greatest metal band

>>By MOnkay

they fucken rule unlike all these cock sucking bands out spineshank fucken rules

>>By lue

they fucken rule unlike all these cock sucking bands out spineshank fucken rules

>>By lue

Spineshank it the best fucking band out there and should be more reconized instead of these wanna be metals arists.They need way more credit for what there doing to the music bizzzz


>>By chad

They rule!
But where have they gone?????
I havnt heard of them for ages!!!!!!

but still they whoop supream ass!!!!

>>By ( Less than) Jake

I'm sorry, but I was one of those poeple who have never even herd of the band spineshank until valentines day. My God, I can't belive I've been missing out on such a fucking awsome band. I bought the Hight Of Callousness CD and I already know that this is my favorite band. The next day I went out and bought Strictly Diesle, and I'm eagerly awaiting the new CD in May. I wish every one could feel the way I feel about SpineShank. I love them. I'm gonna get rid of all my other CD's cause I know I'm never going to get tired of spineshank. If you guys are reading this, Just know that you fucking rock.

>>By Warlock

spineshank is awesome. all hail strictly diesel.

>>By maehleus.

dudes, i had never heard of them either until my boyfriend got me listening to them! Boi am i glad. they rock! i cant believe that ive been missing everything and yall all are right they should get more recognition. lol. well L8r
SpineShank RULES!!!

>>By Li

spineshank is the sickist band i've ever herd other than KoRn and slipknot.spineshank fucking ROCKS!!!

>>By Mr.Burns

spineshank is fucking awsome to all you haters out there have never heard metal till you here spineshank,and for those who love metal check out the band ZAO there awsome to, all my love to to spineshank,and if yall get a chance to to www.mainehiphop.com and check out my friend young merk, its unreall raper.......

>>By low key

i love Spineshank they r the worlds greatest band but in colorado i cant find any of ther cd's in any storse it pisses me off!!!!!!

>>By Chris123987

they're the fucking greatest metal band cept for KoRn!!!!!
fuck all the other bitch ass wanna be bands.
spineshank fucking rules!!! i luv perfect ending!!!!!!1

>>By ptcmaster

i love them

>>By sexypinkdeb

ive only just started listening 2 em they rock new disease and synthetic are the fuking maddest songs i have ever herd

>>By neo_ise 88

block-head dinky stink womp!!! YAAAAKKK's rawwwwwwwkkkkkk!!!!!!

>>By gina pina

spineshank fuses death metal and speedmetal to create a really great rythm of a song. impressively mixed tones are also created, to make that interesting techno metal. i think spineshank is one great band i wish they would also be more successful with 'violent mood swings'

>>By shad0w01f

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