if u like slint (which i do) u should check out a band called trans am and one called the lapse.
if u like godspeed you black emporer then u'd like do make say think

>>By t0mred   (Tuesday, 31 Dec 2002 18:29)

Does any one know if any thing recorded by slint has in any way been the inspiration behind some creative writing?

>>By mo   (Friday, 3 Jan 2003 19:08)

slint rule. word.

>>By grunge   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 20:17)

Slint are cool. Dermo Bohan (aka t0mr3d) is not.

>>By Dermo is gay   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 17:23)

I agree with that last guy. Derno is a total drug addict and he prowls the working class areas of Firhouse looking for altar boys to molest.

>>By the way, DERMO IS A DRUNK   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 17:26)

im trying to find out who the hell they are , and where i can hear their music!

>>By josh   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 07:05)

do people who like Slint, also like the Pumpkins?

>>By josh   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 07:10)

Love the Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan is God), and love Tool. Corgan's new band, Zwan, is how I found out about Slint. My other faves are Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Tenacious D.

>>By juniortour   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 02:34)

i think that slint together with kyuss and telstar ponnies are the biggest bands ever.
fuck trends here comes slint

>>By chris loves kyuss   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 00:41)

Just out of interest, How many people here
heard about Slint through seeing Dave Pajo
Playing in Zwan?

And also the slint album/ep is sooo expensive here (australia)
like $37.95 AUD ...anyone from Aus here who knows somewhere
with a better price..?

All i have of slint so far are a few dodgy mp3s
thanks ppls :)

>>By sparkyarky   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 14:00)

I heard a song called heavy vegetable which is apparently by slint. I own everthing else by them and know that they didn't release a lot of material, anyone know where this song comes from?

>>By andy   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 19:59)

i live in australia and i saw a slint cd for 32 dollars at missing link in melbourne

>>By jess   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 11:04)

Someone gave me a two slint albums, one under their original name and the other under king kong ( I presume they changed their name)
Anways this person told me that they were one of the most influencial bands on punk rock in the 90's....whats the deal I dont see this at all. Maybe I need to give it another chance but it's the same few tabs altered slightly throughout each cd and lyrics that are off the wall ( not in a good way)
Maybe I just dont get there something Im not hearing?

>>By Rachael   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 05:32)

Slint stripped music.. where some of th mmebers were first in Squirrel Bait, a fugazi like punk band in slint they decided to take it more slow, and most of all simpler... this is another step in "indie"/"punk" that brings a total new way of playing.. the whole pict becomes even simpler, but as well harder... the building of the tension done by such minor changes might sound very simple, but is in fact quiet hard to do, as well is it for a drummer to NOT drum, but only in the really necessary moments.. what you are missing is the tension, also depnding on which album you have: Spiderland is their last, and maybe even their best full length.. but the other full length, Tweez is also a very good album, though still much louder.. the untitled ep is great, but without any lyrics... the total work seems to show the emptiness and boredom of life (though I wonder if they meant anything but making good music), and and the timing and structure of the numbrs and lyrics are sublime...

In short: it is a great band....

King Kong is not Slint, but has some ex members of Slint.............

For those intrested in Slint trough Dave Pajo from Zwan: his solo work (Papa M, Aerial M) also deserves your ear, as do the other bands/artists Bonnie Prince Billy (aka Will Oldham/Palace/Palace Brothers etc) and Tortoise.......

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003 21:50) SQUIR/pics/squirrL.jpg

If you wanna know what happened to the members of slint: this is the site where you will have to be SQUIR/index.html

>>By Campking   (Friday, 12 Sep 2003 14:18)

If you like Slint then maybe you should check out Codeine (with Chris Brokaw of Come and New Year)."Frigid Stars LP" is recommended. Also you might want to listen to The For Carnation, Brian McMahan's latest band.Their 2000 debut is very good and features kim deal

>>By thom   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 17:40)

honestly i would have to say that campking and thom got it right...

as far as creative writing goes i really know of none which came from this groups inspiration but i have some very fine drawings and prints which came from sitting in the basement with them as they practiced the songs from tweez... some of the best work i have ever done really

if i were to give my opinion at this point i would say that the majority of slints members were actually moving away from creative writing and into other realms by choice... more aural landscapes to be honest

minor threat was probably more of an influence on these guys as musicians than fugazi was though... the likes of phillip glass, brian eno, and sonic youth would be where the rich textures and larger than life soundscapes started to come into play.... some of the 'americana' stuff that you hear now from papa m is really sort of indigenous to this area as well but really seems to stay well within the category of simple writing where lyrics and concepts are concerned as were the songs of squirrel bait... i did think brian was an exceptional lyricist personally

if you really dig slint and the power of their sound then you should dig deeper and check out bands like maurice and solution unknown which could be the seminal point of ignition for these guys rather than squirrel bait which had already been somewhat coerced into popular sensibilities in my opinion... oh welll.... these guys know that i honor their effort over all so you should too... later

>>By zazenista   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 18:02)

Slint really rock! U should all check out Codeine, Rodan, June of '44, A minor Forest, Chavez, Unwound, Aerial M..... All these bands are also really cool, not all like slint but experimental and postrockish as well. I'ts cool to see a lot of other people dig Slint as well! Got all there albums on Vinyl, sounds soo good!

>>By Mig29wrd   (Friday, 21 May 2004 21:09)

Members of Rodan are now in Shipping news, who just produced a great album which if I am not wrong is called "three four"....

Unwound sadly enough split.... at least that's the last I heard....

Other nice things which involve members of Slint or have some connection to Slint are Boxhead ensemble and Rachels.... not sure if it is with old members of slint, but there was some connection...

>>By Campking   (Monday, 31 May 2004 16:28)


>>By Campking   (Monday, 31 May 2004 19:19)

Shipping news is also partly rachels, another of the Post rock bands. Just few off them were any better then slint, the really paved a new road to go. Guess they were one of the most influential bands at the moment. But then it is now also hip to say that Slint is your main influence. Anyway, I like loads of the things that slint was and now is. Most of them are really good bands.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 19:20)

Which bands do you mean? They have flooded out soo far, that it is hard to keep decent track of who is doing what now......

Only Dave Pajo seems to be openly visible.....

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 11:49)

June of 44, Tortoise maybe?

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 18:49)

Have you heard the last Papa M record btw, with all the outtakes and 7". Great rtecord, a mix of alt. country, postrock and done and recorded by Dave with whatever tool he came across while on the road. I like these kind of things,It gives you a good view of the evolution of Dave over the last 10 years. I really recomment it to u.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 18:52)

Yes I did hear it. But I haven't bought it yet. I am not so happy with the prices they want for records these days. And there was soo much more I wanted to have. Choices. Anyway, will buy it in the near future, the blood keeps flowing.

Btw, are you dutch?

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 20:11)

They have regrouped.....................
Going to play in London in februari

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 01:20)

yes and then they will play 4 dates in the US... better hurry and get your tickets in NYC ... i believe they will play Chicago as well and some west coast location

as far as Rachels and Shipping News tagging onto the Slint name... not really... they merely followed and then copied style in several attitudinal ways but you can be certain that Slint has more primal and subtle dimension to their process as compared to the sometimes Branca-esque quality of study and academic embrace of the Math Rock antecedents

now that i look back over the panoramic view of time and discussion i recall there might actually be some Bukowski or Ginsburg relativity to these fellas where literature is concerned but dont quote me on that one

>>By zazenista   (Thursday, 27 Jan 2005 09:09)

yes, they played the all tomorrow's parties festival, probably a couple of days ago. Anyone was there? Tell us all about it. Make us green with envy

>>By thom   (Monday, 28 Feb 2005 23:22)

Never heard of them

>>By Claire123   (Tuesday, 1 Mar 2005 00:28)

Then go check them out................

>>By Campking   (Thursday, 3 Mar 2005 00:44)

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