Scorpions is a band who combinated good melodies, power and a unique style, they have an excellent musicians, especially Matthias Jabbs.

>>By Ramiro Ranni

Greatest rock group in the world.

>>By Robotman

i am very happy to talk for you scorpion

>>By fao22

Scorpions is one of the few bands which managed to survive throughout the decades, this is mainly thanks to their creativity and musical genius. Scorpions always knew how to adapt themselves to the music scene and write their music accordingly not to sound too old fashioned like this they recruited fans of all ages.

This was hard but they survive till this day their music is like wine the more it passes the better it becames.

>>By Joseph Vassallo

The Scorpions are without doubt the greatest German heavy rock group ever!
They combine power chords and superb guitar solos to create the ultimate in Teutonic rock. However, they also have a sensitive side and tracks like Yellow Raven and Born to Touch Your Feelings are superb.
On the world stage they rate at the same level as Iron Maiden and Whitesnake.

Rudy Schenker and the boys really know how to rock and they are still doing it!!

>>By Oscar

A band beyond reproach!

>>By Vester

I like Scorpions very much i think this is a best group.

>>By Alex from Ukraine

The scorpions was very good band with Uli Jon Roth. Now the scorpions is very bad band
The ACOUSTICA is the worset Album of scorpions. The scorpions in 1974-1978 are the best band.My favourite songs are: Dark Lady, Steamrock Fever, I' ve Got To Be Free and Polar Nights. Gus14 from Greece

>>By Gus14

scorpions is the best in the world no 1.
i must hear it before go to bed.
only no1 for ever.

>>By rafik

The Best band ever!!!Just because of the perfect vocals by Meine,Matthias' really technical solos,and Rudolf's perfectly writen music - lyrics.They've got legendary songs like Rock You Like A Hurricane,No one like you,Tease Me Please Me etc...They're still The best and their new album will be a extremelly nice surprise!!!SCORPIONS live forever!!!!!

>>By Panos

Scorpions is for me the best band of the world because their songs and music are so beautiful. And their concerts are marvellous too.

>>By Saulk


>>By leather

Scorpions rock! They show pure talent. Their guitarring skills are pure genius. They have some of the best song writing skills i've heard. Sehr gut!

>>By Commicom

El mejor grupo de Rock que puede existir en el mundo...sin duda alguna

>>By Gustavo Martinez

no komen,
i, can't talk to much again
about this band, yeaah.

>>By kidnap

Best guitarist goes to Scorpions.

>>By sniperfox2000

they are the best band ever i use to listen to their music since i was 8 years old

>>By adib

The scorpions have been on the music scene since the last 3 decades
or so..or more??. I grew up on their music and their oldies dont sound
old fashioned even today..They are Loud ,and they are
cool at the same time . They carry their music to the very top from where the only
way could be down (It doesnt get higher than that..).,

>>By albhai thedon

I love the Scorpions. Not only do they have beautiful heavy metal music with lots of love, longing, loneliness, emotion, and lust, but they are gorgeous German (mostly) rockers whom I would LOVE to party with as well as see in concert. Klaus Mein is my fave Scorp, and I would love to hug and kiss him, and much more. I love Rudy and Matt also; they are dolls. Hermann Rarebell, their old drummer, is a sexy hunk. Many is the Conan the Barbarian-based fantasy I've enjoyed about Hermann. PLEASE welcome Pawel Maciwoda, their new Bass Player from Poland, who is replacing R. Rieckermann! R. Rieckermann, I will miss you, sweetie. Like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, the Rolling Stones, the remaining Beatles, Aerosmith, Kiss, Journey, and a few others, the Scorpions are on my "must meet and kiss 'n hug and maybe much, more more" list of rockers. What a bunch of German studmuffins. Klaus, Rudy, Pawel, Matt, Hermann, etc., MANY many kisses and hugs and love from me, your biggest fan. And thanks for the guitar practice, Matthias and Rudolph. Oh, such gorgeous, loveable, friendly guys. You and Led Zeppelin teach me alot about guitar riffs. (Yes I play electric and acoustic 6 and 12-string, and other instruments).

>>By SmilingGoddess

I rode through the Scoprions popularity period here ( a la 1984 ) and that was OK, but a period of real appreciation/fascination began when i purchased In Trance ( on vinyl ) from some used record store. This was probably about 1989 when I did so. Recently I found that album online again and revisited those songs and they are still pretty rocking and that album has such a "warm" tone to it.

>>By AThousandKnivesofFire

a friend just introduced it to me....i almost burst into tears becausei hadn't known such excellent band before...

>>By HY -

good music,good singer!

>>By _sleepwalker

Waiting for the USA tour....looks like October. I have the new cd Unbreakable so far great! I'm a lyrics freak so I don't just listen I really dissect a song. I can't help it but I still keep putting that Pure Instinct cd in the player. The cd and others just blow me away....the guitar is great...lyrics are great. I' ve purchased alot of Scorpions, Bad for Good, Live in Mexico and they are one of the few bands that I can say that I like every song. Hanover Germany should be proud of this band. Rock on Scorpions. Does anybody out there know of a cd by the scorps that I should run to get???

>>By love music

When reading the comment regarding great guitar playing.....if ranking according to guitar playing the scorps rate at the very top of the greats. But has anyone else heard Slatko Perica??? I'm from the USA but have heard his guitar playing on a couple of Goelae/Burn cd's. Swiss German band. If the Scorpions ever need another great guitar player they should listen to him!!!! But just like all of the other Scorpions fans I can say I love the guitar playing on all the cd's both electric and acoustic.

>>By love music

Yeah!! The Scorpions Rock!!!! w00t!!!1

>>By Jane

''Acoustica''- best unpluged concert ever!!!

>>By JackSparrow

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