Robyn's music and stage persona are idiosyncratic verging on pixillated crossed with punk/baroque psychedelic jester madman, but with acerbic British reserve. Yes, there is some Syd Barrett influence, but it's always a pity when self-sensorium censoring nabobs nip the bud there, and hear no further. Deeper still, the adolescent infatuation with Dylan: "at 18 or 19 if I could have taken a pill that would have given me curly hair and sunglasses, I'd have done it." , that lingers into Robyn's mature years - he's about to release an entire album of Dylan covers, and the couple of tracks I've heard are deep interpretations that seem to come from years of deep listening. I think it would be the coolest if Bob did an album of Robyn covers. Or at least a couple of singles. One thing that throws some people off about Robyn is the tendency he has to spin out the introductions to songs in his live performances and recordings into densely foliated and strangely peopled recountings of the stream of a consciousness of which most ordinary people, and many artists, could never equal the freedom of association and juxtaposition. He also has fabulous taste in shirts.

>>By Moeby

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