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OK FOLK with hast of fire....
what is MEDICORE?!?!?!?!!
stop saying that rammstein play that...cause i don't know what that is.and rammstein are something like industrial metal,ok?

oh my god,what is wrong with some people on thin site... du hast is a great song,but bestrafe mich is the best.......
i have birthday at 30.10. and my cake will be like Rammstein sign.... that's the only thing i wanted for my birthday...............the only thing i will get.

ok enough,see ya people,and don't write shit about rammstein anymore!!!!!!!!!!

RAMMSTEIN RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no medicore)


>>By eva__Tier

ok,i spelled mediocre wrong..... but still i don't know what that shit is.....someone explain,please.....

>>By eva__Tier

Don't say ubermensch! That's implying they're Nazis, which they are definitely not. Rammstein are just damn proud Germans, and big up to them.
Mediocre means like "not special" but I'll be damned if this could apply to Rammstein. It's not a style of music though. xD Rammstein play many styles.
Enjoy your birthday!

>>By L8er Sk8er H8er

Oh, I'm sorry! Ubermensch in the USA means something totally different... I didn't even know it was connected with Nazism... Have you heard of Nietzsche? He proposed that there were men who got higher, greater, than all the rest, and were free to break all the rules. Rammstein does that.

Often, you see that people want to be more than what they are--that's how they find meaning. They're sick of being normal, average, "mediocre"... what they crave is to be an ubermensch...

So they're not Nazis... But there's other ways to be higher than everybody else besides extreme nationalism. And I think Rammstein hit on it in their music.

>>By wren

Ooh, okay. Ubermensch was what Hitler called the German people... And Jews were untermenschen or something... Uh, what time was Nietzsche from? I was just wondering if the Nazis based their philosophy on him or it was the other way around. Apparently a lot of dumbasses accuse Rammstein of being Nazis.

>>By L8er Sk8er H8er

1880's and thereabouts... you could be right, but if you are, then the Nazis really screwed over his doctrines because he was supposed to be a Christian somewhere in the mix... But then again, the Nazis were professionals at wrecking things, any thing.

>>By wren

last night i got 19 free tracks from their show in roskilde denmark. The quality is not great, but it is still rammstein. you can't dis that.

german music is the best, and frankly, I don't care what they are saying. I love just listening to the sound of the language. screw romance languages we need more germanic languages here.

anyone listened to einsturzende neubauten?

>>By Anathema

kaaaaayyyy, every single lyric of every single song they have is in German. You people have no idea what they are saying and the songs mean absolutely nothing to you(except for the germans oc) but english speaking americans listen this this why.... cuz you can shake your head to the music like a bafoon who smoked too much crack?
Shit, do you all just go into a mindless trance when you listen to this or what? You might as well go listen to some bull shit like nelly or puff daddy if you dont want to think, and listen to songs that have absolutely no meaning to anyone.

>>By Deltron

Deltron, alot of people know what they are saying, plus when people listen to music the words matter, the way it all goes together and how the melody comes out....thats what we like, your just to narrow minded and you also think the world revolves around english. Get a life.

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

also i know alot of people who when they listen to Rammstein they go and find out what the lyrics are in english so they know what they're saying. Music is more than just english stuff...expand your music tastes to something that isnt overplayed. I have yet to hear Rammstein played on any of the radio stations i listen to, cause radio sucks. so don't just assume that we listen to the pretty sounds and shit cause some of actually have a clue as to what they're saying.

>>By Your_Master

deltron you're such an asshole!!
you know,english translations exist on web,so if a person wants to know what the german lyric means,he must just surf through the web a little bit...
go away,you're the one that doesn't know anything about Rammstein!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By eva__Tier

That was beautiful, eva.

Mm, Deltron, I'm not into the whole coke scene but somehow I'm still able to appreciate Rammstien without knowing their lyrics. I hope that doesn't make me a buffoon... I have a real problem with low self-esteme... you see, I'm a cutter...

>>By wren

Not know what people are saying... does it really matter? I just like the way that the German language sounds. It's more a rough sounding language, and Rammstein brings it out with much soul.
And I have looked up the lyrics on the web, but I've also taught myself a bit of German in the process. I like to know what people sing, and I like to able to sing with them.
Sometimes I just like the background music. Sometimes that's all I listen to. But Rammstein has such a way to fit in with the background, that it amazes me to no end.
Love Rammstein.

>>By AccountFroze

i say:

RAMMSTEIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everbody understand?

>>By eva__Tier

I want that new album out now!! and the new DVD!!

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

live aus berlin,
wich new album?!!!
is there i a new one?
i can't wait for the 24th november! DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By eva__Tier

A new album, not a compilation, a new album!!!!! is coming out soon, with all new songs :)

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

i think the best band ever is rammstein, i am personally i do not like rock music.. in general ... and also the normal music that we always hear in the t.v and the radio... but ....
rammstein came out just for me.. i like the lyrics how they rock with the beats ... and i have listening to them since the first movie of matrix .. du hast ... then when i heard again the second song of them in triple x then i started to listen to them , and beleive me if there is a grt music , it is only rammstein .. i like till so much the way he sings and how rammstein performs .... none of their song are good , but they are great abnormal music.... and specially when you watch the clip ..:) the song which is good turn to be the best , and the grt song turned to be the unbeleivable... i can not stop listening to them , but i am just wondering when they have new party.. again .......... i like till how he sings out with energy and full of power.. like he is speeching out there ... and he is a very talented vocally his voice is awesome..... , and what i like in them that they keep doing only grt songs... not like other bands with their album with one good song and not even a great like korn i liked only someone "somebody" in all their songs.. and sometime "here to stay" , and also metallica only 4 songs or 5 are good and they are not even equal to rammstein normal songs....... go out thier and sing loudly rammstein........


Ok what? you say you like them then you say "none of their song are good " so you like them but you think they have no good songs? ok then :s

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

Pfft. Rammstein fans. You seem like the only one with a bit of sense.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

ok,the-spainian,you are tottally crazy.now tell me with YES or NO:
Do you like rammstein??
you got me very confussed(........)!!!!

live-aus-berlin i can't wait toooo!!!!!!!! but it will be released somwhere in spring 2004!!! that is soo far away!! i think i'm gonna dire before...
i heard song halleluja and i think it's great!

does anyone know,where can i get song 5/4?they don't sell singles in slovenia....

>>By eva__Tier

heh, the internet? tons of online stores! try ebay :)

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

sorry guys if you get confused or did not understand me, but what i meant is that their song are so special and so hot, great music best of all , that's why i said that " none of them are good " i meant that's the songs are not considered good but ...very very great awesome,
i mean the best of the best........


Oh, yes. You are making perfect sense. I understand completely.
And this whole message is not infested with the stench of sarcasm.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

whatever of whatever!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By eva__Tier

Well i just like their music very much. It is shame that some of my friends donīt like it. I lived in Canada and now I live in Colombia (south america) , and not many people know about them.

I like from classical, latin, etc.. and i have to say they are very talented.
and thatīs that.

>>By Ivanhvg

Jack, dont be a Gorilla IQ'ed idiot, he doesent speak PERFECT english so relax.

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

I hate the people who think Ramstein is the only German metal band out there. I hate it even more when I hear losers try to sing in a language they don't know. This is a band best heard by the Germans.

>>By Metal Immortal is King

Then i feel sorry for german music fans.
I'm sorry, Live-Aus-Berlin, but i didn't understand any of it.

>>By Wraith of Luna

Metal, not alot of people really care if they cant understand the words, most of music is the MUSIC not just the words.
Luna, to understand you must read the post by Jack, and why do you feel sorry for them?

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin

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