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HomeInTheCoal: Learn German. It's the easiest language there is.

(or go to herzeleid.com and read the translations)

>>By oegagetmedulle   (Monday, 22 Mar 2004 22:42)

I would love to learn German, I will probably take a few courses in it. Afterall, English is partly based on German. As for the translations, I do read them... but I would prefer to learn German :) It would probably highten my sense if I knew what each word meant, rather than get a english version which probably butchers it :)

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 01:16)

German is not the easiest language to learn. You have your languages mixed up, Spanish is the eaiest language to learn, German is the COOLEST language to learn. That is why I have been teaching myself German, only I have not had time to do anything except college forms. GO GERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 03:38)

Rammstein has one of the biggest forums I've seen. I've hardly heard of them. I know the one song from back awhile- Du Hast. Other than that I've got nothing. Are they huge in Germany or what?

I took a couple years of German in highschool. Our teacher was fat, and when we were learning adjectives, we had to all say something about the teacher. So everyone was saying things like Frau Dunkelberger ist nett, and stuff like that. Finally everyone was done and she said "No one said, Frau Dunkelberger ist dich." Which means fat. And we all sat there in a long awkward silence. I mean what the hell, did she actually think one of us was going to say she was fat??


>>By tooloot   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 04:27)

tooloot,you wrote 'peas' in the end.
you know that peas is a food,right?

anyhow,english is the easiest language to learn!german is fuckin complicated!!!!!!

>>By eva__Tier   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 20:26)

well...languages...english easy...german a bit more difficult ...russian extremely crazy and better give up learning my mothertongue....estonian is a total nightmare...i've been speaking it for my entire life and i don't know sh** about it...
oh stupid me....here i go again speaking of things that don't have anything to do with the subject...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 20:36)

oh ...by the way if you want to see a long discussion go see ville valo....

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 20:37)

...or good charlotte...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 21:08)

Why not write peas instead of peace? Maybe I like peas.


>>By tooloot   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 21:39)

Yes, I would have to think that English is a pretty easy language to learn, I wouldn't really know because that is my maine language........... Damn British, had to go and make the Scots speak English....... Wait, does English really count as my maine language because the first 50 or so words I learned were in Gaelic ???

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 22:23)

RammsteinLiebe: If Till is the hottest man alive and Schneider is a God, which of them is hotter? I think I look like a bit of both... Schneider's face and Till's body.
Spanish is the easiest language to learn and German is the coolest. Japanese is the hardest and Latin is the least cool.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 22:24)

Oh wait, yes English would count as my maine language because I do not yet speak Gaelic fluenlty, I would if I had stayed on Barra.

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 22:25)

If you have their features then that makes you pretty damn hot dude....... Hmmm........ I don't know........ I contradicted myself. I do that a lot. I am going to say that. DAMN !!! I have no clue who is hotter. I am going to have to say that Till is hotter, but Schneider is pretty damn hot too.

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 22:31)

German is SO not easy to learn! it's so hard to pronounce s***! if it was so easy i would have learnt it, but i realised it wasn't as easy as i thought.
well...just to say something about the topic - Rammstein rock!!!!

>>By ania   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 00:18)

tooloot, is rammstein big in germany? Rammstein is big in Germany, and in America. I can't go anywhere without half the people knowing who they are.

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 00:26)

Latin would be a cool language to learn

>>By therion   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 00:53)

Well here in Iowa no one is big. Wait I take that back. Dwight Yokam is big. Have you guys heard of Britney Spears? Her music just got here.

>>By tooloot   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 05:39)

Britney spears your kidding right you dont actually listen to her do you?

>>By therion   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 14:54)

I didn't say I listen to her. I said her music just got here in Iowa. Actually, I was just making a point.

>>By tooloot   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 17:54)

briteny spears is a twat sucking, mother fucking ugly BITCH.... Her music sucks so bad, I can't believe people that are like her, who have no talent what so ever, can get signed on for a music company and warp the minds of the fucking girls of this stupid country.!!

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 20:05)

Excuse me for using such strong words for insulting such a talentless hoe bag

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 20:07)

you kids are so crazy..it's obvious that latin is the best.
and that britney spears sucks.


>>By dark_night   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 20:20)

If you guys want to see a funny ass form go read Avril Lavigne's. I started a war I think hehe. According to Sk8a H8a it doesn't matter what we, the people, think... it matters what MTV, the money sucking company, thinks. According to H8a, anybody can be punk if MTV says they are. I want them to declare Shania Twain and Garth Brooks as punk! \m/

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 20:29)

dark_night is absolutly right as usual and RammsteinLiebe no offense was taken at all you should voice your opinion more often i found it hillariously correct well it seems you and i finally see eye to eye on something HomeInTheCoal

>>By therion   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 00:05)

Hehe yes, that would be amusing. But it's not relevant to this discussion, so ssshhh.
Latin is NOT cool. German is. Scheisse is easy to pronounce. I guess the sounds are easy for me because I grew up learning Welsh, and the 4th letter of the Welsh alphabet is "ch", which sounds just like the German "ch".

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 00:16)

What discussion? Rammstein is rock (metal), and I am a rock (metal) fan. Avril claims to be be rock, it is relevent. You claim that MTV makes up our minds... relevent to the conversation. So, shhh.

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 00:21)

Latin is cool although german is good to but i will stick with studying latin rome was as they say caput mundi after all

>>By therion   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 01:26)

I think any language is cool. Spanish is cool sounding, German sounds tough, Latin sounds itnelligent, and the list goes on and on.

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 04:26)

But I claimed that on a different discussion! Avril has nothing in common with Rammstein, apart from the fact that they are both famous musical artists. Avril certainly hasn't claimed that she's metal. She probably wouldn't aliken herself to Rammstein, either.
I still think German is the coolest language. Spanish is alright, I guess. Does anyone here speak Russian? I know Till and Richard did a song called Schtil in Russian.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 08:45)

LOL...don't know what the matter is with me today...all i do when reading these coments is laugh...
anyway i'm gona learn japanese and finnish....did i spell that correctly?...huh...i'd better learn english first....

>>By HY -   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 13:09)

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