Rage Against The Machine


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rage against the machine are the best fucking band in the world . I not only love their music but also share their political views on capitalism , the police , the army and democracy . they taught me about revouloution through music.

>>By anarchist no 1

And now they don't exist anymore.

>>By Doug

is fucked up that they had to spilt up!! but they still are the best band

>>By jessica

Chris Cornell should have stayed with Soundgarden, because Audioslave SUCKS!!!

>>By Resnor02

I have just found them and I love their music...

>>By myp

rage may be gone but the revolution is not over

>>By parasite

They're awesome, i cant believe how awesome they r. Well u neva no wot mite appen!

>>By Randy man

RATM is a political band that says what all of us want to say ... we was waiting for there new albume as RATM was in the process of talking about Arabs , Iraq and Palastine problems and how the USA is totaly negative about this over killing done by the Israels in Palastine ... may my voice go to Zake or RATM pls you are one of the hopes of Arab youth in Palasatine in showing the trouth for the world ......
Thanks & Best Regards
Hasta La Vectoria Siembre

>>By Coldstonefish

Rage Against the Machine are the best band in the world. Their music just makes you feel so damn good. They put so much energy and efort into their songs.


first album is the best

>>By Al

rage is a good band. and it makes me sad that they broke up...

>>By alex ramshur

rage rocks they should have stayed together cuz audioslave is shit

>>By ty

no i like audioslave better than r.a.t.m

>>By me

Rage were great but they are in the past!!!! I loved all their music it was ACE, and I think that it is really cool that all the best members of the band have formed Audioslave, they now have an EVEN better vocalist, and this music (if possible) Is a lot better!!!

>>By Chrissy

chris cornell (Posted: December 27, 2002, 1:33 pm)

i admit it, i needed the money, my solo career was going no where, and i also admit this album i made with these rap rock guys sounds like absolute crap, i was going to go into male modeling, but i just couldnt stop thinking about how fun it was to be a rock star! Audioslave is a joke! just ask tom, he will tell you as well, that we know we put out a crappy album, we just needed more money and more fame. im sorry i let all my fans down, now im going to go pull a kurt cobain, and blow my wussy brains out, and then i will get the attention i crave

>>By chris cornell

Yo Audio slave you guys are so, well what is the word that best describes your music...repugnant, no wait um...lousy....no crappy, cranky shitty no shanky...damn. Well keep up your efforts. Zach was a fantastic vocalist your band cannot replace. KEEP IT REAL YO Peace out

>>By Zac le Rosa

I think we need to continue the revolutionl, where is a band that can reach the masses like RAGE@!? This is what we must demand, Zach needs to get his message out more, he has some solo songs on kazzaa where he totally explains how corrupted the CIA is. POD is a weak replacement even though they seem to have sold out somewhat and do not carry the rage lyrics like zach had. Somone needs to uprise like zach says and show the truth....

>>By My people come up!

Getting rid of Zach was the best thing Tom and the boys could have done. Just like the rhetoric from vegans, born again Christians, militant homosexuals, and countless other annoyingly outspoken groups, Zach's shit got old. Just imagine you were Tom and you came up with this beautifully complex piece of guitar artistry, and your lead singer takes a crap on it the only way a communist revolutionary poet on an ego trip can.

>>By phuqr

cornell sucks. the music has no heart now, it sounds like just another lame dick soundgarden album. I'm pissed. Brad Wilk is a bad motherfucker!

>>By zapatista zapatos

Ratm was possibly one of the smartest political bands ever, probably even better than the Dead Kennedys. Tom kicks ass, brad is awesome, and I luv Zachs voice. Chris Cornell Sucks!!! He is ruining the legend of ratm, and the new album sucks ass. It doesn't have anything to do with politics, oppression, hypocrisy, etc. Peace Out

Fuck the corporate rule

Rage is the best, always was.

Audioslave is no replacement...but damnit, they rock, too. They're not rage Cornell said himself he doesn't want to be the new lead singer of Rage. They're a different band, period.
Rage, unfortunately, is dead. Let it go, don't take it out on Audioslave. If you don't like 'em, fine...oh, well.

>>By trashmanal

rage are great and if chris wants to do music with a shitty band then let shut your moaning! but yep rage are great, but kyuss are better!!!!

>>By sexual

rage are great and if chris wants to do music with a shitty band then let him shut your moaning! but yep rage are great, but kyuss are better!!!!

>>By sexual

I wuz gutted to hear about Rage splitting up but then I head about Audioslave so I bought their album. About 3 songs sound like Tom Morello in Rage but the rest were shit. Cant wait for Zach's album but I heard it aint a rock album - apparently its all rap music wiv DJs and stuff.

>>By Captain Kangaroo

Oh yeah, lay off Chris Cornell
He has a fucking amazing voice!!!

>>By Captain Kangaroo

I am a huge Rage fan, but like any great genious creations, they often fade before we were ready. Anyhow there are some bands out there who embody a lot of that passion they had; lyrically and musically. I am not one to self promote but Konnichi Wa is a Portland OR based band who, at times has a definate Rage feel and translates that energy as well. Lyrically, thier songs project purpose and passion for change, not only politically, but more of a wholistic trascendent level. Anyway they are pretty new and you should check em out if you got time.

>>By Rocker Red

fuck the "parental advisory"
if we have the right to talk,let them and let us say what we want to say

>>By jangau

hey, Rage taught and encouraged us always to protest so let's protest about how we think it sucks that they split up and let them know we want them back together by not buying Audioslave's albums and Zack's new album, not going to their concerts or requesting their songs on the radio or TV. Let's show them that the only albums we'll buy will be Rage Against the Machine's. They have just got to get back together.

>>By Laura

No doubt about it, RATM is awesome. One of my fav's. But audioslave is so frickin awesome there are no words to describe how much they rock my socks. I just saw them in concert and it was just so unbelievably cool. Chris cornells (drool drool) voice is so beautiful it makes me wanna crap my pants. Audioslave is great. RATM is over so deal with it. Rock on.

>>By Shaina

RATM is the best band ever. There is no band new or old that is as good. Audioslave is ok, but it sucks ass that Zack left, cuz Audioslave isnt political.

>>By SuIcIdE

I admit it. I completely suck ass. Zack was better.

>>By Chris Cornell

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