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I guess what I meant on the Coldplay board was no band has ever had the same effect on me as Radiohead. But I also don't think there are many bands that even sound similar to them except on a superficial level. On Pablo Honey the influences from Pixies and Morrissey are pretty obvious, but from The Bends on it's pretty much unique. That's why they're my favourite band. Partly.

>>By Flagg   (Tuesday, 4 Apr 2006 21:45)

"don't think there are many bands that even sound similar to them"
Funny you should say that - I don't think there's ONE band that sounds similar to them but I reckon that quite a lot of bands comprise elements of Radiohead's sound, if only because they've had such a big impact on modern music by being so awesome

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006 01:38)

I'm not sure I know the difference between sounding similar and comprising elements of their sound. But of course they are influential. I just mean no one comes close to them.

>>By Flagg   (Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006 23:56)


>>By Sk8a H8a   (Thursday, 6 Apr 2006 12:04)

Hmmm influences run both ways ... into and out of Radiohead! LOL... I think anyone who likes Bends/OK Computer era RH or Muse could do a lot worse than checking out Jeff Buckleys "Grace" album ........

>>By planet ear   (Thursday, 6 Apr 2006 14:58)

I know that Muse say Buckley was one of their biggest influences.

Maybe he influenced Radiohead too I don't know, but I wouldn't call Grace 'similar' to The Bends or OK Computer.

But I definitely agree most Radiohead fans would love that album.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 6 Apr 2006 19:25)

Hi im new here and i just love radiohead, saw them at Wolverhampton in May and I can honestly say there are the best live band iv ever seen live.

>>By wild green witch   (Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 14:13)


I did read that Thom Yorke went to a Jeff Buckly gig and was so inspired by him that he changed the way he wanted to sing fake plastic trees.

Not sure how true that is but I do think he was influenced by Jeff Buckly at that time.

>>By wild green witch   (Wednesday, 2 Aug 2006 22:44)

Yeah I read that too quite recently. I think Radiohead were influenced by Buckley, but they're such a creative band that they hid that influence well. They always come up with something new, even though they're inspired by other musicians just like any band/artist.

>>By Flagg   (Friday, 4 Aug 2006 00:04)

WGW yep they certainly are good live I've seen them several times.. the most enjoyable being when a friend blagged a couple of tickets for a one-off gig at the Royal Festival Hall as part of a "melt-down" season. It was great to hear it in such an intimate environment.

Flagg absolutely the more influences an artist can absorb (but yet conceal) the more interesting their work is likely to be.

>>By planet ear   (Friday, 4 Aug 2006 15:44)

i just cant get into them i dont understand the apeal

>>By jupitermadcat   (Saturday, 12 Aug 2006 19:34)

21.5hrs left until heaven..........................
at the Edinburgh Festival.

>>By Tchock   (Monday, 21 Aug 2006 19:30)

lucky yoooooou

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 21 Aug 2006 20:13)

Favourite Radiohead song: Creep! =)
what about you other radiohead fans?

>>By Amie   (Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006 17:33)

Well Tchock, there's not much to be said is there?

All their songs are my favourite.

>>By Flagg   (Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006 21:13)

Ahhhh Flagg. ahhhh
no words can describe it !!!!

2 + 2 = 5
National Anthem
Morning Bell (part one)
Morning Bell (part two)
The Gloaming
Where I End & You Begin
Paranoid Android
How To Disappear Completely
Karma Police
Fake Plastic Trees
Pyramid Song
You & Whose Army?
There There
Everything In Its Right Place

(I think I got them all Flagg???)
Ahhhh man
even CREEP was great for me !!!!

& Guess who I met on Princes Street in Edinburgh...... ;)

>>By Tchock   (Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006 21:53)

It was definitely I Might Be Wrong before Idioteque, and True Love Waits before Everything In Its Right Place. But was that from memory? Pretty bloody impressive.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 24 Aug 2006 00:07)

& My Iron Lung !!!

i can't believe i forgot I Might Be Wrong... ahhh that was so good..... & True Love Waits.... i would have love him to have played it with the acoustic guitar though.....
& they damn well should have ended the show
with exit music !!!!
love that song...................
& they also played Lucky too.....
forgot about that... (how i could i don't know.....)

I'm a bit reluctant
to listen to Radiohead now....
right now
i can't say
'the last time i heard a radiohead song they were playing live'
ahhhh man
the last time i heard
2 + 2 = 5
they were less than 50m away............................
Live music
is so inspiring.......................
you don't realise how great radiohead
are I don't think
until you see them/hear them live [in the flesh]
& dammit
Flagg - your smiling is infectuous !!!
I keep smiling every five seconds too !!!! ;)

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 24 Aug 2006 18:03)

right now i CAN say !!!!!

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 24 Aug 2006 19:44)

My smiling's worn off now. I have post-concert blues. :(
Heh, I've listened to Radiohead constantly since I got back. I have to say I enjoy it alot more than I used to having seen them live.
But I'm into the phase where everything else in life just seems inadequate.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 24 Aug 2006 20:10)

Up above aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home.

Before the concert I was starting to forget why I liked them so much. I didn't really get much out of listening to OK Computer. Now it's my favourite album again, easily XD I listen to it every day.

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 28 Aug 2006 23:36)

First album was the bends, listened to it solid for about 3 months (without a single suicidal thought might I add! so ha!) but have to say my fave song is bones, just so bril. Was at the Pearl Jam concert in Dublin the other week when I found out Radiohead was playing the next night! Never knew, and then found out friend of mine had a ticket and never went! Sacriledge!!

>>By future ruler of the world   (Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006 14:48)

first album was Pablo Honey..............................
who DOES get suicidal thoughts from listening to radiohead???
i get all inspired
& enthusiastic & instilled with a sense of ........................pure happiness????
i can't listen to Bones.....
every time I do
within 24hrs
i hurt myself really badly
& it's extremely painful for hours...................
which is very ironic considering the lyrics
"well you've got to feel it in your bones..."
friend...................isn't mad is he???
i mean having a ticket to radiohead & not going?!?!?!

>>By Tchock   (Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006 23:46)

friend...................isn't mad is he???
i mean having a ticket to radiohead & not going?!?!?!

Seems a plausible explanation! I mean at very least couldn't he have given it away easily enough?!?!?!?

>>By planet ear   (Sunday, 3 Sep 2006 03:48)

You injure yourself when you listen to Bones???
That's bizarre!
Like some kind of curse or something.
You should have asked Thom about it. ^_^

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 3 Sep 2006 13:02)

A lovely friend of mine found out about my Bones-curse. So he decided to grab hold of my laptop, put on Bones & make me listen to about a minute of it before I broke free.
Within 24hs I had a sore stomach that is still going on - really painful, I twisted my knee, hurt my calf muscle & really hurt my foot. All in seperate occasions throughout the day :)
& well
if THAT isn't conclusive evidence
then i don't know what is ;)

>>By Tchock   (Friday, 22 Sep 2006 01:18)

conclusive evidence would require you to repeat the test under several different conditions!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Friday, 22 Sep 2006 14:27)

taking care to control all potential confounding variables.

that was really not very nice of your lovely friend.

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 25 Sep 2006 00:01)

lovely friend... or lovely captive? You know what I'm talking about, Tchock...

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006 01:52)


>>By Flagg   (Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006 16:55)

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