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I love "Hail to the Thief." It's like they took elements from all their previous albums ('cept maybe their 1st one) and mixed them together for a lovely stew. Great opening song....and I LOVE "Where I End and You Begin." The sound of Yorke's droning voice repeating the line "I will eat you alive," will haunt my dreams for years to come. Great album. Hell...great band.

>>By The Walrus

Hail to the Thief was a brilliant album, but what happened to We Suck Young Blood??? The end bit was good when it accelerando'd on us, but the clapping??? Who's idea was that??? Colin's??? Blame it on the bassist.
Someone once said to me "But Radiohead songs all sound the same. Take Creep and say.... Wolf at the Door..." How anyone can compare THAT song to the genius of Wolf at the Door is beyond me, especially when their favourite band is Blink 182 and all the "Nu Metal" crap we've got clogging up the music industry.
What I hate about non Radiohead lovers is that the rule them off as depressing drivel with no talent without hearing them out properly. Firstly Radiohead are not really depressing, they make us fans happy - well me anyway. Lucky would be classified as a "depressing song" yet I, and i don't think I'm the only one who's thinking this, find it liberating - happy. But hey, I'm a manically depressed maniac of a commie - don't listen to me, no one does after all.

>>By Tchock

Well said Ms.Tchock!


That's one of the many great things about Radiohead. They try different stuff and their sound is constantly evolving. That tends to piss off a lot of their early "fans." But I just hate it when bands stay the same throughout their whole career. It's like if you own one album, you own all their albums. And that's simply not true for Radiohead. The only other band that I can think of that made such drastic changes and were constantly tinkering with their sound was, well, The Beatles.

>>By The Walrus

Street Spirit is officially the most depressing song I've ever heard. But brilliant, nonetheless.

>>By Obfuscated

[Fade Out] isn't really that depressing. It's just about how the human race is all going to burn in the firy pits of hell.

>>By Tchock

Fade Out is the only good song on The Bends.

>>By Trenounde

Are you mad??? Fade Out is most definetly NOT the only good song on The Bends. What about My Iron Lung, The Bends, Fake Plastic Trees, Just etc - the least good one is Sulk. And I thought you liked Radiohead, J'aime.

>>By Tchock

I was riding in the car with my friend a couple nights ago, and I popped in "Hail to the Thief" and put it on "Where I End and You Begin." As we were driving it created an eerie atmosphere as we drove past the street lamps. I told her, "Wow, this is great night driving music." Having never heard Radiohead before, she said, "It really is....his voice is so haunting."

Just a random story I thought I'd throw out there.

>>By The Walrus

I feel Radiohead are overanalysed. I guess it happens with the "major league" bands.Why do you bother? Just put on the headphones.

>>By thom

I do like Radiohead, Steph.anie.

>>By Trenounde

I know you like Radiohead J'aime. You like Idioteque, Pearly, a whole heap of others that I can't quite remember, Karma Police.... It's great for all those lonely nights.... try tedious questions....

>>By Tchock

I don't really like Karma Police, Steph.anie. But I do like Karma, by Opeth.

>>By Trenounde

Radiohead. I met them once about ten years ago in the venue in oxford (where they shot the creep video). They hadn't quite made it then but they were still soooo full of themselves you knew that they would eventually be popular with the yanks. Thom Yorke did his best to chat up my mates girlfriend, failed, even used the do you know who I am line. All I can say about them is GET OVER YOURSELVES, YOUR WHITE MIDDLE CLASS MEN WHO HAVE NOTHING TO MOAN ABOUT!

>>By monkeyfeet

Apparently, verbally attacking the band is okay, but verbally attacking the verbal attacker is not. So much for "speaking your mind." And just so I stay on topic......I have been slowly converting people into Radiohead fans. It's really exciting. Now, hopefully this "discussion" won't be....well, I can't discuss what I really want to; the "Discussion Guidelines" will NOT allow it. I also want to take this time to apologize to Flork, monkeyfeet and anyone else who was hurt by the "harmful, unfriendly" words that I spoke/typed. I will try to be more robotic in nature from now on and stifle all feelings and emotions.......much like the voice on "Fitter, Happier" (which, by the way, is NOT Stephen Hawking...he is, however, on a Pink Floyd track).

>>By The Walrus

i usually dont know what hes whining about, its just how he whines...wonderful. pyramid song. thats all.thats it.

>>By mr pumpie

Hey on the Muse discussion board we get a lot, and I mean a lot, of people saying Muse are trying to copy Radiohead, sound like Radiohead are try-hard Radiohead etc etc
Do you guys agree????

>>By muse junkie

When I was nine I fell madly in love with Street Spirit. Come to think of it I was a horribly melancholy person since birth. I didn't know what "depression" was or what it was to be "melancholy", I just knew that that song made me feel something madly deep. One of those philosophers I'm supposed to be studying said something about the things we notice already being a part of our mind or something. Reality is subjective blahblahblah.

Where was I, oh yes, I was just copying my older siblings of course because this was when Radiohead was immensely popular and I decided they were my favorite band because I was young and ignorant.

Really though, Radiohead is totally one of my favorite bands...still. The reason being, that they actually have subliminal messaging in their music causing young impressionable people to become addicted. Kind of like nicotine in cigarrettes. The band and the music originated from Satan you see. Satan is a great guy by the way, you just have to get to know him.

I would also like to mention here that I do love the song Creep, and I often feel like the only Radiohead fan who does. Go figure. I guess I'm too young to hate it though.

I believe that all non-Radiohead fans have bad taste in music. This is a horrible opinion to hold and it is inherently wrong. I like 2 AMs.

Oh and people should stop being disappointed in the latest album. Radiohead is not divine and so you should not expect perfection or your view of perfection to be maintained by the band. Things change, people change, music changes. Go listen to the old albums and be content alright? Nobody needs to hear the same old "I'm so disappointed in the band" bullshit alright? Now, have a nice night and try not to grovvel too much in your own angste.

On Muse: I like Muse.

>>By CĂT

Happy Birthday Thom Yorke!!!!

>>By Tchock

hey c___ whatever u are, two above this one, i like creep too, and it's my favorite song! muse also rocks. well, have a good day. Radiohead is one of the best groups ever.

>>By guitargirl

Radiohead is so cool... The Flaming Lips' album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots sounds very much like Radiohead...

>>By Grazyl

I really don't get how everyone has this thing about Creep. Personally I think it's one of their worst songs - but thank *me* for it otherwise they wouldn't have made it big.
Irony weaves a wicked path.

>>By Tchock

Radiohead themselves hate the song Creep, so you're not alone there Tchock.

I agree with what Grazyl said.... LOL

>>By spikee

Muse are nothing like Radiohead; for one thing they're alot less good despite what their legions of obsessive fans may think.

Radiohead are the best band I have ever heard, and Street Spirit is the best song I can play on guitar and one of the best ever written.

The band are almost a religion to me. Not quite.

>>By Flagg

Is it just me or is Street Spirit reminiscent of Venice Queen by the Red Hot Chili Peppers? The other way around, I mean, Reckon the Red Hots were inspired by Radiohead?
Quality band.

>>By Bitch Fit

Radiohead would be horrified to hear that they inspired the Red Hot Whatchamecallits, Sk8a H8a sorry, Bitch Fit. Ha!

>>By Tchock

The riff is a little bit similar.

>>By spikee

What the hell?Muse are bloody awesome!I love both Muse and Radiohead, and they both have great musicians in 'em!

Muse aren't "a lot less good than radiohead". because Muse and Radiohead are completely different styles. I saw 'em last November and I can definately say that Muse are brilliant live...Words cannot describe.

>>By insignifiwhat?!

But this is a Radiohead discussion and Radiohead are better than muse.

>>By Bitch Fit

I never said Muse were bad. They're great, they're one of the only current, famous, important bands who are really serious about what they are doing. But as far as I'm concerned no one is as good as Radiohead.

And I don't think Radiohead would be horrified to learn they influenced RHCP. I think they probably like RHCP. Most people do. And besides, they're not 'Sk8ta' band.

>>By Flagg

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