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well I'm not a big fan of radiohead but i recognize their greatness
that's why i want more information about them like what are the best songs of
them... i 'd like to listen to them

>>By Net

Radiohead is just great... there's no such band as Radiohead. They are DIFFERENT from the others and that's why it's so good. They don't use the same old formulas from Rock, eletronic music and jazz... they just mix it altogether. My favorite CD's are KID A and HAIL TO THE THIEF... they are very good, and also different from each other. Something very interesting about this band is, sometimes you cannot listen just once, sometimes you've got to listen lots of times, and understand it, and you'll be recompensed.
Just one thing: why do they never come to BRAZIL????
sorry about my english mistakes

>>By Gus

Got to love Paranoid Android.

>>By Macphisto

Don't know quite what it is, but their is something truly great about radioheads music. perhaps it is moody and not for everyone, but it's a great antidote to all the pop garbage that we're force fed every day via radio and television. on the new album i like the 'gloaming' and 'sail to the moon' and 'a punchup at a wedding'.Also i love the film 'vanilla sky' one of the cast was a big radiohead fan and they were all listening to radiohead through the making of the film. i think they both share the same thought provoking moods, just like the music, it's probably not every one's cup of tea!

>>By surf

I really enjoy them they are really different and creative. their music is pure bliss and magically beautiful I love the piano. I really love the song creep

>>By magic_silly_puddy

is thsi german hip-hop? whatssh ould i uplode?

>>By remdarooster

I saw radiohead a few days ago at the Tweeter Center in MA. It was seriously life-changing. They were already my favorite band by far, but seeing them live only makes your love for them grow. What they are capable of now is fucking rediculous.....

>>By Johnny K

And seeing Jonny Greenwood up there really changes how u think of guitar playing too. I play guitar, and it makes you realize you don't need to be a fucking shredding machine to be creative. He's by far the most original and underrated guitarist out there.

>>By Johnny K

i dont like how the musc is so slow and wen dat guy turned into a tree??!!??!!

>>By jack_is_hot6

Jack, is there actually something you do like?
I think that radiohead is a vry good band, but wonder what they want at this moment.. and even more wonder why the band of the boybrother: Unbelievable Truth never got the attention as Radiohead has gotten, their first albums are defenatly much better then the early work of radiohead (read: Pablo Honey), and th power of the brothers voice (though similar to his brother, but not the same) is stronger... To bad thy split, hope the brothr is enjoying teaching "Classics" now... the both defenatly deserve a break...

>>By Campking

Johny K:

Johny Greenwood, is one of those guitar players who got influenced by early slowcore bands as Slint, Codeine and maybe Godmachine, who all specialised in leaving out unnecessary notes... naked music is better then a tone too muchm and all of thse bands are threfor defenatly worth a try......

>>By Campking

I really dig Radiohead, have all their CD's and whatnot, but the last time I saw them live was in 1998 at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in DC, and they were just terrible. I don't know if it was the venue (RFK) or what the hell was going on... Anyway my point, do they sound good live now? I know they sound great on CD, and even on the live CD "I Might Be Wrong", but what about from the stands? Any comments?

>>By Ghost Shirt Society

I saw then In Victoria Park when Kid A just came out and they were awesome.
The second time i saw them at Oxford and again they were just the best thing I have
been to. I am a big fan of sport but nothing comes close to the feelings of belonging and joy you get at one of their concerts.

I would like to understand how Thom is so anti capitalist and does seem to contradict himself by making money through capitalism. On the other hand we never had a go at
the members of the pop industry for not following Geldof's lead and giving the charity literally all of his money!!

Enough Rambling for now!!

>>By LordLuken


Personally I love Slint, but I never really listened to Godmachine or Codeine. I only really got into Slint after Pajo joined Zwan, but obviously I had known of them from long before. What are some good Codeine or Godmachine songs for me to hear?

>>By Johnny K

Radiohead is well beyond rad. My favourite song is Just, although I love many of the others too.

>>By L8er Sk8er H8er

Which is better?

The Bends
OK Computer

I want to get one of these albums next.

I was never into Radiohead much - there were just too many good bands starting out in the early 90s I couldn't get into them all. I remember the Paranoid Andriod video clip- it was some cute little cartoon allegory thing. Anyway after listening to Karma Police made me want to know if there was more of this good stuff. I got Pablo Honey recently (thought I'd start at the beginning) and it doesn't seem that special though I haven't listened to it properly (i.e. 100 times). Radiohead is coming to Sydney soon maybe I might get to see them

>>By ftad

Although some themes recognized in the rh tunes may seem depressing, I belive that the effect is positive on the listener. It is almost healing to hear someone make aweful aspects of life beautiful through music. Also, it demonstrates how, although there are chains in human systems and reality, there is freedom within us all.


>>By mater


There is one fantastic song on The Bends, but i'd say OK Computer is the best overall.
It really is a fantastic album, but i suggest you get both, as The Bends is still a class album.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

Radiohead are fantastic.

All the R'n'B bands, and Rap songs in the world, put together, wouldn't be better than Street Spirit.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

just, video see it!

>>By Mr.Cochayuyo

Getting better and better with the passing of time.Just like fine wine.Them and Spiritualized are probably the only british bands that still matter.

>>By thom

Oh! and Curve of course!But not that much!

>>By thom

The Curve are like a mature woman.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

My favourite band from the 90s, without doubt.

>>By Sk8a H8a

Nothing wrong with mature women if u ask me

>>By thom

i love radiohead. i want to have sex with everyone in the band. you are brilliant

>>By 4Radio2Head0

Well, i don't think you can say fairer than that.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

Ha, ha, ha. I echo 4Radio's sentiments. But I totally don't think the Bends or any of their earlier stuff is that great. It seems classically mediocre, and even Hail to the Thief, like Amnesiac, bordered on the pretentious side. By the way, does anyone know what's going on with these advertisements on the side of the page for "2 +2 = 5 Pt.s 1 and 2"? Are they singles?

>>By heymay

P.S. Can you suggest some Curve songs to look for?

Ooh, and P.P.S. on them live. I've heard that Tweeter Center performance was their most brilliant ever. A mind-blowing experience. And to whoever asked about Brazil, the reason they've never performed in South America is that the band is looking for ways to make the performance less expensive so they are not just catering to the rich. The implications (just from the site, I'm no expert) are that they're having issues with the music industry bosses and stuff. That's an example of why Thom's anti-capitalist stance is so awesome. They have to work through this system of the music industry to get their music heard. It's so fucked. But that's what it's come down to. And their music deserves to be heard. They can't deny us their music. But I know that they themselves released Kid A on the internet, an example of their not-being-hypocritical.

>>By heymay

I thought The Bends was excellent.
What do you think is their best album?

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

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