who is quantic?

>>By ez

some dude from Brighton...or is it Bristol...who has produced at least two albums of class tunes...doing similar 'cut n' paste' type tunes as Amon Tobin....but with much more variety and lighter in mood..

>>By Mot

flocking about its goodnartizm

>>By silvermtzion

Quantic are spondooolik and glistenin teflon tuff Funk bombs of sweetness plus intricatisms of the jazzed up head juice type I LUV EM :) try get a listen to Life In The Rain or Not So Blue, they r my most adored.

>>By LeFunketeer

i like Quantic :: /Mishaps Happening/
apparently it's labeled in the style: nu-jazz or Future Jazz, Downtempo

>>By pivo

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